Why should your small business consider Facebook Marketing?

August 22, 2017

Ever wondered why Facebook marketing can be the one of the most effective medium for marketing your small to medium sized local business? or why your small business should even bother taking it up to get its marketing message across? This article is an answer to your concerns such as ‘whether your Facebook Marketing efforts and expenses are justified or not.
The best thing about Facebook is that it combines the speed and reach brought about by the new technology along with the target marketing approach as followed in the conventional marketing efforts. So, here are the reasons why it is fruitful for your business to undertake Facebook marketing for the good and every single buck that you plan to spend on Facebook ads is worth it:

1) It is undoubtedly the largest social media platform

With over 2.01 billion monthly active users as in June 2017 ( a 17% increase yoy) and over 1.32 billion daily active users (17% increase yoy), Facebook is not just the largest but also one of the fastest growing social network. These stats make it clearly one of the most preferred social network when it comes to marketing and advertising online.

2) It offers remarkable mobile reach

Facebook also has 1.15 billion mobile daily active users as in December 2016 (a 23% increase yoy) and this implies that by opting for Facebook as your choice of medium for marketing, you are reaching your audience right where they are. Considering the habit of people checking out stuff on their mobile devices even before making the purchase locally, with Facebook ads you do not end up missing out on that chance to be visible and create a brand recall when and where it is needed.

3) It lets you target-market with precision that will amaze you!

No matter which audience your business plans to target, Facebook has got it covered and to an extent of precision that will almost amaze you. So, if your waffles business wishes to target all the youngsters in a radius of 10 miles of your business location, it is possible. Or if you want only people interested in Zumba to see your marketing message, you can do that. Facebook targeting is highly efficient and is sure to result in improved level of engagement, interactions and sales conversions.

4) The social approval it imparts, builds trust instantly!

Facebook provides you with the leverage of trust building tools. For example, when a Facebook ad appears in your newsfeed, you tend to trust those by the Facebook pages which have been liked by your friends. That’s why Facebook shows it at the top of the boosted ad, as to which all of your friends like that page. And this is how Facebook leverages trust developed in the social communities and the social proof this features imparts.

All these reasons provide you with evidence that Facebook is undisputedly one of the best means of marketing and advertising your business online whether your business runs online or in a brick and mortar model, whether your business is big or small and whether it is into products or services. Now Leverage the benefits of Facebook Marketing for your business with out internet marketing services & if you are still not sure how to go about it? Give us a chance to help you with your Facebook marketing and we will provide you with evidence in terms of numbers that reflect your business growth!