Top-notch Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

Streamline your fleet network and foster a wide range of advantages for your business with a tailor-made solution.

What are Logistics Solutions?

Fleet service management can be extremely daunting at times. However, with the touch of technology, its complexity has decreased manifolds, helping businesses find more time to invest in productive work. Logistics solutions offer you real-time tracking for your fleet as well as the diversely spread workforce.

The solutions leverage a single map interface that helps with the management of delivery routes and dispatch schedules in a cost-effective manner. At Carmatec, we understand your vital requirements and apply our time-tested acumen to develop digital solutions that simplify complex and challenging transportation and logistics industries.


Custom Logistics and Transportation Solutions

Transport Management Software

  • Real-time tracking
  • Carrier contracts management
  • Reports and business intelligence
  • Automated order processing
  • Performance tracking
  • Billing support
  • Cargo tracking

Fleet Management Software

  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Fuel tracking and management
  • Driver behavior tracking
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Shipment management

Traffic Management Software

  • Informative dashboards
  • GPS-based tracking
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Vehicle management
  • Reporting and analytics

Supply Chain Management Software

  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Logistics and shipping status
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Returns management
  • Procurement

Warehouse Management Software

  • Warehouse management tools
  • Barcode/ RFID
  • Shipping management
  • Order management
  • Quality management
  • Inventory management

Let us help you revolutionize your logistics and transportation business.

Take your logistic business places with a tailor-made
digital solution that keeps you ahead of the competition curve.

Logistics Software Development Expertise

Cloud-based Logistics Software

Handle your complex and tricky regular tasks easily with access to cloud-based logistics and transportation solutions.

  • Cloud-enabled warehouse management
  • Performance tracking and management tool
  • CRM and accounting solutions

AI-enabled Logistics Software

Track and monitor your fleet seamlessly from a single place using data-driven insights into the system. 

  • Big data and AI-based fleet monitoring system
  • Custom AI logistics and transportation software development
  • Chatbot development and integration services
  • Big data-enabled risk planning

Advanced Location-based Logistics Solution

Manage your business better using data and insights to drive growth, decision-making, revenue, and more. 

  • Real-time fleet management solutions
  • Cargo management systems
  • Vehicle tracking and route generation tools

IoT-based Logistics and Supply Chain Software

Let your fleet connect and operate seamlessly regardless of where they are, using a network of interconnected devices. 

  • Custom IoT solution for supply chain
  • Smart warehousing solutions
  • Fleet management solutions

Custom Logistics Software

Transform your business challenges and shortfalls into solutions and opportunities with us. Develop a robust logistics and transportation app.

  • Solution consulting and architecting
  • Software experience development
  • QA and testing expertise
  • Legacy modernization and migration services

Let us help you revolutionize your logistics and transportation business.

Take your logistic business places with a tailor-made
digital solution that keeps you ahead of the competition curve.

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Definitely, having expertise and experience in the same, Carmatec would love to help you modernize your system with the latest technology. Reach out to our experts and you shall have the best services at your disposal.

Yes. Carmatec has designed and developed a similar combination from scratch for one of the clients.

That typically depends on the business goals you want to achieve as well as your target market. What might work best for a specific market category, may not do wonders for the other. Similarly, while native mobile app development would be the best choice for a business, it may be cross-platform app development that works for another. Once we have a clear idea of your requirements, we shall help you analyse which one suits you the best.

Yes, we offer an extensive range of documentation services to our clients. While SRS documentation is a part and parcel of each project, clients can also hire us for user manual writing services, system documentation services, and more.

Yes. Carmatec’s digital marketing services are one of the most trusted ones. Clients admire us for quality and results. Here are some of the digital marketing services that we offer:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • App Store Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign
  • Content Marketing