How to plan the content marketing strategy of your small business

September 20, 2017

The modern-day marketing is all about educating and influencing your audience. Content marketing is an effective means to achieve that. Today’s buyers believe in self-education and you have to feed these buyers with all the relevant information before they display even a bit of interest in your offerings. After all, while they are looking for useful information, you can not simply go out pitching them your product. Buyers come to your website looking for information that helps serve their needs, not to learn what you or your company is all about. Content marketing basically functions to align your marketing activities with the modern-day buyer behavior and thus, helps you establish a relationship of trust with your audience. While the content marketing of your business helps your audience avail helpful information to educate themselves on the subject-matter, there are also numerous ways in which it benefits your business. The biggest question is how to plan the content strategy of your small business to make the most out of your content marketing efforts. Here are a few factors, the success of your content marketing strategy depends upon

1) Focused Business Strategy

Your business strategy is essentially, the starting point of your content marketing journey and it plays a huge role in determining how you can benefit from content marketing. Once you have a focused business strategy, your content marketing is sure to get executed successfully after starting on the right foot. So, you must first determine the answers to the strategic questions for your business such as your business niche, your revenue model, your key value propositions and how you plan to employ content marketing in conveying these value propositions effectively.

2) Your Niche

Targeting a narrow niche for your business specialty helps your content marketing work more effectively and easily. By creating a focus in terms of geography, industry, business size or the type of offering, your business can narrow its focus down to demonstrate its expertise in a small focused area. This will help you give all your content the kind of focus it needs, to be effective & achieve success. The type of niche you are focusing upon and the way you are dealing with it to share your knowledge, will determine the success of your content.

3) Revenue Model

Content marketing is a potential tool to help almost every business regardless of its type. However, the kind of benefits your business will enjoy with effective content marketing, will also depend upon the revenue model of your business.
For example, if you run a physical (Brick N Mortar) or e-commerce store to sell physical products, your content marketing strategy will need to be focused upon driving more traffic to your physical or e-commerce storefront. On the other hand, if you are into selling of digital products, you would design your content strategy so as to drive downloads & installations or facilitate the upgrade or add-on options. So, you must try to keep all your content marketing efforts in sync with your specific revenue model and this is what will also help you determine the KPIs for the success of your content marketing campaigns.

With a well-chalked-out content strategy that is totally in sync with your business strategy and that takes care of all these factors, you can easily take charge of the success of all your content marketing efforts. At Carmatec , our strategies and tools are especially formulated to empower your business to take control in this online world. We provide you complete internet marketing services so if you’re still struggling in formulating content strategy for your organization? Get in touch with us now.