Augmented Reality app development Services

Get best in class augmented reality app development services from a company with 20 years of experience. Creating augmented reality apps involves designing 3D models and implementing the algorithms responsible for overlaying virtual content over the scene in the device's camera lens.

Augmented Reality App Development Company

Our Augmented Reality application development services give your augmented apps the cutting-edge and help them thrive. Offering special opportunities for brands and commercials to interact and engage with customers, we help brands and commercials link the real world with the digital world. A wide range of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows, are supported by our AR application development expertise.

AR experts on our team improve product communication and increase brand recognition for augmented apps. Get your marketing campaigns off to a flying start with an AR app branded with your brand.

Augmented Reality App Development Company
advantage of augment reality apps

Take Advantage of Augmented Apps by Investing in an AR Solution

This trending technology enables users to interact with the digital world using real-world objects or the real world using digital media. Besides gaming, the technology has also established a presence in augmented apps over the years. It’s no wonder augmented apps are adopting it more and more to enhance user experiences. Through Augmented Reality solutions, brands can establish better connections with customers and establish two-way interaction with them.

The Benefits of Investing in AR Development

The key to achieving growth potential today is embracing all that is new as innovation becomes the mainstay of selling. Embracing innovative solutions with AR applications can help augmented apps outgrow their limits. The following are some reasons why AR-based apps are essential for selling and branding.


Marketing Advantages

Take your marketing campaigns to the next level by incorporating an AR solution that distinguishes you from your competitors.

engaging customers

Engaging customers more effectively

Ensure that your customers are engaged with interactive experiences that drive stronger connections and increase brand recognition.

benefits of localization

The benefits of localization

Get the most out of location-based technology by bringing localization benefits to your customer-facing augmented apps.


Training and maintenance for industrial facilities

Using AR technology, create lifelike, simulation-based industrial training and maintenance experiences.

Our Expertise in AR App Development Services

Driving excellence in user experience and interactivity is what AR is all about. See how our expertise can help your brand create superlative user experiences using this technology.

android and ios app

Android & iOS AR Apps

Our Augmented Reality solutions are stable, scalable, and secure, and compatible with the latest operating systems. Users can access these apps on a wide variety of devices and enjoy unique, interactive, and customer-centric experiences.

integration of AR

Integration of AR into e-commerce

In order to drive sales, boost branding efforts and replicate in-store experiences, our AR developers develop transformative shopping experiences for e-commerce augmented apps.

AR games

Development of AR game apps

We Develop AR games using Unity, Corona, and Unreal Engine tools by specialized AR game developers. Give your customers an immersive gaming experience with our help.

AR based location

AR based on location

Using GPS, accelerometer, and compass, location-based AR apps can pinpoint a user's location accurately. Your augmented apps will be more successful if you track and target customers based on their location.


AR based on projections

We develop projection-based AR applications that project a virtual image on a real object within the physical environment. Boost your augmented apps with this advanced technology and connect with customers.


A recognition-based AR system

We Use Marker-based Augmented Reality to replace visual markers with corresponding objects based on QR codes. With Wikitude library support, these apps are able to recognize objects with 3D imagery.

super imposition

A superimposition-based AR system

Object recognition technology is also used in superimposition-based AR to replace objects or parts of objects with augmented views. Create an amazing user experience for your customers by investing in these apps.

support and maintenance

Support & Maintenance for AR

Besides specializing in Augmented Reality development, we also ensure that these applications run smoothly. Regular version upgrades, regular maintenance, and emergency troubleshooting ensure top-notch stability and security.

Expertise in technology

Expertise in technology

We bring rich technology expertise to our projects as an Augmented Reality app development company with the right resources and experience. These are some of the technologies we use to develop AR applications that are user-centric.

  • Wikitude
  • Unity 5
  • Vuforia
  • ARKit
  • ARCore
  • XCode 7

Our Industries of Expertise in AR

The potential of AR  technology is limitless. In the future, embracing an AR app won’t be a choice anymore, regardless of what domain your augmented apps fall under. Our experience and track record make us an excellent partner for AR app development across a wide range of domains. We cater to the following industries and how Augmented Reality app development can empower them.


E-commerce and retail

Through augmented reality, shoppers are able to experience products and services in a new way. Investing in AR apps will help retailers and e-commerce sellers boost sales and build customer loyalty.


Training & Education

By using AR technology, hands-on learning experiences can be delivered in simulated environments without requiring real equipment. The trainer can teach and students can learn through real-life immersive experiences without worrying about the consequences of errors and mistakes.


The real estate market

Add 3D views of properties to your real estate augmented apps with an AR app that allows prospective buyers to explore them in 3D. Allow them to inspect the house from the inside, inspect the floor plans, and even change the interiors of incomplete buildings before they buy.


Hospitality & Travel

Make holidaying and dining out more enjoyable with an AR app that redefines travel and hospitality augmented apps. With augmented reality city tours, interactive travel guides, and engaging travel games, travelers will be able to take virtual tours of destinations even before they arrive.


The navigation

Make navigation easier and more accurate with navigation-based AR apps. With these apps, users can access detailed information related to directions, road conditions, terrain, traffic alerts, weather forecasts, and more using the device's GPS and camera.


The automobile

Automotive manufacturers can enhance their marketing efforts and improve their manufacturing operations with AR. In addition to simulating workforce training, these apps can create digital product catalogs that enable potential buyers to interact with product models.


The healthcare industry

In augmented reality settings, healthcare providers can practice procedures before they actually perform them on patients, making training and surgical procedures easier. As well as enhancing healthcare quality and safety, these apps can increase patient satisfaction.


Advertising and marketing

AR Apps enhance augmented apps' branding and advertising efforts by empowering customers with empowered shopping experiences. When augmented apps offer engaging and interactive 3D views of the products they sell, it is easier to create result-driven marketing campaigns.

design engineering

Design for engineering

With the help of AR apps, engineers and designers can design better products through simulation. In addition to offering them complete information on space constraints and other hindrances, the technology also ensures that the products are functional and visually appealing.

Aspects of our services

Aspects of our services

Since our inception, we have offered a range of AR services to clients across a range of industries. In order to create these, we take into account the unique requirements, pain points, and objectives of each client.

  • Applications related to e-commerce and mobile commerce.
  • Metaverse development.
  • Marketing apps that are enhanced.
  • Additional information about geolocation.
  • Surgical applications with live images.
  • Resources for education.
  • AR applications for industrial use.
  • Application with critical surrounding information for military use.
  • 3D and 2D effects are added to apps.

Why Choose us as an AR App Development Company?


Proficiency in technical areas

With expertise in cutting-edge technologies, knowledge of app trends, and technical proficiency across diverse platforms, our AR developers bring technical proficiency across multiple platforms.


Pricing that is competitive

Our top-notch solutions at competitive prices make us a name to trust because we provide top-notch solutions that deliver optimal returns for your augmented applications.


Solutions tailored to your needs

Mobile Augmented Reality app development for Android, iOS, and wearables that gives your brand a competitive advantage and sets you apart from your competitors.


Apps that are customer-focused

Ensure that the apps address the pain points of customers and deliver an engaging user experience by designing engaging front-ends and robust back-ends.


Presence that can be relied upon

We are always available to provide assistance during and after the development process through our Carmatec project management tool.


Using Agile Methodologies

Apps that have a faster time-to-market and adhere to the best industry practices while being developed using an agile methodology.

Are you interested in investing in AR app development?

Feel free to reach out to our AR development specialists if you would like to create your own augmented reality app. We welcome both existing specific use-cases as well as high level ideas for future apps.


Machine learning and neural networks are commonly used to achieve this effect. Numerous AR applications, such as makeup apps, use face recognition to overlay digital content over a human face with high precision.

Skills a professional should possess in AR, VR, and gaming include: C++, Java, and C# programming capability. Knowledge of 3D software such as 3D MAX, Autodesk 3D, and video production.

Machine learning and neural networks are commonly used to achieve this effect. Numerous AR applications, such as makeup apps, use face recognition to overlay digital content over a human face with high precision.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a digital technology that overlays text, images, video, 2D/3D graphics, and animations over physical objects or printed content. In simple terms, it’s a live straight or secondary view of a real-world situation whose features are “augmented” by computer-generated inputs, as mentioned above.