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We are a top-rated Golang development company with a well-established reputation for providing top-notch Golang development services to cater to your project needs. Save up to 40% on development, maintenance, and support costs.

Golang Development Company

The most trusted Golang web development company

As a programming language with a similar structure to C, the Golang framework is widely known. A leading Golang development company, Carmatec specializes in micro-service oriented architectures, cloud-based infrastructure apps, and web-based applications with high performance. Bring your software ideas to life with the expertise of our highly experienced Golang developers.

No matter what size your business is, we can develop best-in-class enterprise apps and optimum web solutions for you using Golang. In addition to Golang unit testing and database creation, our Golang AI/ML app development team can also provide Go web development expertise, such as web-based music players, online games, Golang integration services, distributed computing, and so on.

Working with a Golang development team has its advantages

  • A dedicated scrum master and agile development methodology
  • Approach that is analytical, accurate, and results-oriented
  • Top-of-the-line firewalls for highly secure development
  • Time zone-based communication and availability
  • On-time project delivery with software quality assurance
  • Project in Golang that is scalable
  • Engagement models that are flexible
  • NDA signed in full

Golang Development Benefits

Development at a rapid pace

With Golang, you get the speed of a compiled language and the feel of an interpreted language. Learning, developing, and running Golang is fast.

Simplicity in code

Due to Golang's simplicity and lack of redundant abstractions, code maintainability is at its core.

Performance at runtime

In order to support cloud computing, Golang was created. By taking advantage of modern hardware's concurrency and parallelism, it is able to achieve high performance.


Strategy and Consulting for Golang

Take advantage of our Golang consulting and strategy expertise to stay ahead of your competitors. Our Golang developers can assist you in overcoming all the complex challenges in your business.

Golang Web App Development

Utilize Google's Golang programming language to build next-generation enterprise web applications. We have a team of Golang developers who have extensive experience developing fast, secure, and scalable web applications.

Multi-faceted Cloud App development

A cloud-hosted solution can be developed using the Go programming language developed by Google. Develop complex cloud applications using Go Cloud by leveraging our expert Golang developers' expertise.

Golang Microservices Development

Cloud technologies and architectural patterns like API services, containerization, and server-less Golang are among the skills our Golang development team possesses. Build microservices with Golang by hiring our Golang developers.

Synchronized Apps Development

By implementing synchronization and evading locking, Golang makes it even easier to create synchronized apps and multi-threading applications.

Golang Support and Maintenance

It is essential to maintain your Golang software solutions, whether they are web or mobile apps. We can help you resolve complex issues related to your Golang application if you need our assistance.

The benefits of Golang development services for your business

Take advantage of our extraordinary Golang Development services to build web applications, content management systems, point-of-sale systems, CRMs, personal music streaming servers, rapid API generator tools, and much more. In addition to developing custom Golang web applications, we make sure that the applications we build are always tailored and aligned with your business and technical needs.

  • Capabilities in object-oriented programming
  • Language for cross-compiling that is straightforward
  • Development at a rapid pace
  • Model of synchronized programming
  • Secure and safe code
  • Development of lightweight APIs
  • Consistency improved
  • Support for networking
  • Optimal performance and ease of maintenance
  • Typing structurally
  • Collection of garbage
  • Customization is easy
  • Concurrent enablement in the CSP style
  • Management of dependencies
  • Access to smart standard libraries
  • Developing backend dashboards

Golang: Why Use It For AI Applications?

  • Easily handle errors and debug quickly
  • Libraries for Go that are altruistic
  • Accuracy and speed are fascinating
  • The coverage is extensive
  • Computational scalability
  • Readability & Minimalism

What challenges can Golang help you overcome?

  • Managing memory efficiently
  • Unrecognized type systems
  • Support for multi-core and parallel computations is insufficient
  • Management of dependencies

The Agile Golang Development Process

Do you have a project in mind?

Feel free to contact us or fill out the form. By providing as much detail as possible regarding your project requirements, we will be able to provide an accurate estimate of what your Golang project will entail in terms of time, resources, and overall assessment.

Obtain a contract

To protect your potential business idea and data, we sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements).

Getting the project started

You can bring your product to market faster than the traditional route. With us, you can choose the Golang app developers who have the skills and expertise to develop top-notch web applications in Golang.

Why is Carmatec the best Golang development company?

To facilitate the best Golang projects, our in-house and remote Go developers are equipped with the latest hardware systems, high-speed internet, and standard tools. GitHub and BigBucket are used by our Golang programmers for version control; while Trello, Slack, and Jira are used to ensure your project’s ultimate efficiency.

Our recruitment process at Carmatec is very well defined. In order to hire highly-skilled Golang developers, we make sure they hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in their respective fields. Besides being one of the best Golang development companies, we also sign an NDA to protect your intellectual property.

A result-driven approach to Golang development

In India, we are one of the most renowned and trusted Go web development companies. We provide you with the option to hire a golang developer with the skillset and experience you need at your convenience. We can help you solve complex business challenges by building innovative enterprise applications using our Golang programming language expertise and in-depth knowledge.


Carmatec – the reliable Golang development company with a proven history and portfolio if you need the best and most cost-effective Golang developers.

  • Experienced in the industry for over 19 years
  • Delivered 400+ projects successfully
  • Collaboration tools that are robust
  • Providing direct channels for all parties
  • Within 48 hours, we onboard field-proven experts
  • Over 12 countries were represented in my work.

In other words, this question cannot be answered with a sure-fire certainty. Golang app development costs will depend on a number of factors, such as the functionalities you are implementing, the resources you hire, and the engagement model you choose.

More precisely, Golang developers will need more time to develop complex features and functionalities.

Outsourcing a Golang project will influence the rate of developers based on their geographical location. Thus, the cost of developing Golang apps depends on your custom business requirements as well as the resources you hire from a particular region.

Regardless of the size of your project, you will have 100% ownership of it. There are also NDAs, copyrights, source codes, intellectual property rights, confidential letters, and other memorandums of understanding.