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Build impactful AI solutions to infuse smart analytics and intelligent monitoring into your business operations to optimize efficiency and drive quality.

Why Does Your Business Need Artificial Intelligence?

Disrupting the digital arena for quite some time now, artificial intelligence has been driving the entire industry of mobile app possibilities.

Combining AI with machine learning capabilities, developers are integrating algorithms to their mobile and web applications that intuitively enhance the user experience. The mix has already lead to a  revolutionary shift in the way developers, businesses, and users interact.

  • Enterprise AI strategy
  • Cognitive AI
  • Data insights
  • Conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence Services for

Enterprise AI Strategy

AI has emerged as a revolutionary entity driving business strategies with its next-gen business models. Leveraging its potential has led to a transformational shift in the business arena, and Carmatec is well-versed with evolving AI models and its transformational journey. Make the best of our in-house knowledge centre to articulate AI best practices for your enterprises. 

  • AI readiness and maturity assessment
  • Process modelling
  • Enterprise AI architecture
  • Implementation roadmap
enterprise AI
cognitive AI

Cognitive AI

Artificial intelligence is poised to change the future as it takes the human-centric roles with an emphasis on robotics process automation. Utilize the power of this humongous data and corresponding context intelligence to upgrade your business processes.

  • Application engineering
  • AI implementation and integration
  • Managed services powered by AI

Data Insights

Drive your business to greater heights with AI. At Carmatec, we enable enterprises to leverage data science to provide solutions to critical business problems. With expertise in developing data models, data classification techniques and machine learning algorithms, we enable enterprises to manage their data and forecast vital things with actionable insights.

  • Data modelling framework
  • AI-enabled data dashboards
  • Enterprise data recovery
  • Data governance and standards
data-insight AI
conversational AI

Conversational AI

AI-powered standalone applications and backend processes enable an interactive customer-centric system that helps businesses interact with users, understand their requirements, map their preferences and recommend the best-suited line of action with minimal human intervention. Carmatec enables you to give this edge to your business by implementing effective algorithms machine learning and cognitive decision making.

  • Digital virtual assistant (DVA)
  • Customer service chatbot
  • Infra and traffic monitoring bot
  • Intelligent survey bot


We cater to a wide range of industries spanning global clientele. Our experts are skilled at understanding the core requirements of every business and their target market to build AI-powered apps that fit them best.

AI industries

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In the wake of the pandemic, businesses have been able to do more with their data through cloud migration, which has created both new opportunities and challenges associated with AI. AI is not a core competency for many organizations (banks, for example)-and that’s where AI services can be helpful.

In addition to increasing efficiency, enhancing productivity, increasing customer satisfaction, growing revenue, and enhancing revenue growth through new products and services, AI benefits businesses in almost every way.  Businesses will see the greatest impact from AI when they implement it across their organization responsibly and ethically. By combining cloud computing and data, AI can help businesses make faster, smarter decisions that enable growth and help change organizations—at scale while also benefiting people.

It is not possible to implement AI in a set way, and use cases can range from the simplest (a retailer lowering costs and improving customer experience with AI chatbots) to the most complex (a manufacturer monitoring and fixing its supply chain in real-time for potential issues).

The term AI-as-a-service refers to pre-configured AI services and solutions that are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. A client can experiment with AI use cases before making large investments in capex or opex to scale AI. Rather than building the capabilities themselves, clients can tap into the AI service provider’s learnings, tech, and talent to get the required functionality at a lower cost.


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