Design Thinking Services

Our custom Design Thinking services sets the foundation for a successful mobile app project by defining product goals and business outcomes and prioritizing the right features.

How We Approach Design Thinking


Product Strategy

Establish success criteria, identify your audience segment, and develop a unique value proposition for your digital product.


User Research

Make product decisions based on demographics, interests, digital behaviors, goals, challenges, and motivators of your target audience.


Mapping the user journey

Develop an end-to-end web or mobile app experience that meets your success criteria, reduces friction, and achieves user goals. 


Prioritizing features

You can save money and accelerate your time-to-market by prioritizing features and functionality that balance user value and business impact.


Product Roadmap

Establish a clear vision for long-term growth to maintain a competitive edge and support user retention.


Developing prototypes quickly

Develop a clickable prototype for capturing feedback and clarifying the user experience. We are trusted by world-renowned brands

Outcomes of Design Thinking

Our custom design thinking service helps businesses to: 

  • Assess the product’s purpose and align it with business objectives
  • Conduct competitive research to determine market viability
  • Conduct extensive user research to create user personas
  • User journeys, wireframes, and mockups are essential for communicating and justifying a product’s concept
  • Clickable prototypes allow you to interact with a preliminary product version
  • Develop a roadmap for scalable products
  • Identify business outcomes with feature prioritization
  • With the most valuable and impactful features, enter the market quickly
design thinking services
process Design

Process of Design Thinking

Embrace empathy: 

Get to know your users and empathize with them as much as you can.


Bring out a variety of possible solutions to the problem that needs to be solved.


Instead of focusing on the present constraints, focus on the final outcomes.


Prototypes can be used to explore possible solutions.


Repeat the process of testing solutions, reflecting on results, and improvising.

The Design Foundation

We provide enterprises with the following benefits through our Design Foundation:

  • Channels and design lifecycles can coexist and guide design elements
  • Deters siloed design by encouraging a collaborative mindset 
  • To ensure brand value, apply consistency and governance
  • Ensures that the organization can leverage a common design language.

Design thinking led Digitization Practitioners.

Over the past eight years, our team of Design thinking led Agile, Digital transformation practitioners & lead consultants have helped 500+ businesses in 24+ countries with digital strategy consulting, design innovation, and technology development.

Design Foundation

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Benefits of Design Thinking Services

In addition to identifying the latent needs of end users, a business can develop low-cost, working prototypes for those needs and test them in real-time using Design thinking principles. A company can also change its culture to become more innovative, thereby managing its top line and bottom line. Potential benefits include the following:

  • Early Error Detection Is Cheaper
  • Breaking down silos through service design
  • Service Design leads to a better customer experience
  • You Enhance Your Business and Your Customers By Delivering Value
  • Positive customer experiences are provided by companies that utilize service design
  • Enhances the current agile thinking workflows with higher potential value.

Other benefits are:

  1. Customers and users are the target audience for products and services
  2. Departmental cooperation should be strengthened
  3. Providing customers with a positive experience
  4. Delivering value to customers while implementing things sensibly
  5. Enhancing customer orientation

What Do We Offer as The Top Design Thinking Company?

Carmatec as the top design thinking services company in USA, INDIA offers a variety of design capabilities, development, deployment, and adoption services around the world. Among our offerings are the following:

design thinking

Enabling Design Thinking:

  • Are you looking for solutions to your business challenges?
  • Do you want to transform your organization’s mindset, processes, and culture?
  • Are you struggling to design an innovation strategy for the future?

We provide structured advisory, co-creation, and enablement interventions as part of Carmatec’s Design Thinking enablement services. Design thinking capabilities are developed and deployed through guided interventions tailored to industries, functions, and roles.

  • Customized design thinking workshops for clients
  • Solutions that enable design thinking in specific industries/domains

Designing Digital Experiences (UI/UX):

  • Do you want your customers to have a better digital experience?
  • Do you need help assessing/designing your digital assets?

Human-centered design principles are incorporated into our digital experience design services, which focus on enhancing the user’s experience.

uiux design thinking
product design service

Designing Products and Services:

  • Have an idea for a product or service you’d like designed?
  • Do you want to create experiences that your customers will love?

As a product and service design company, Carmatec assists organizations in identifying challenges, designing/co-creating solutions (products, services, experiences), and collaborating on design/innovation projects. Among our services are the following:

  • Designing a new or redesigned product
  • Design of packaging
  • Development of concepts
  • Designing services

Research for Design

  • Would you like to know what users are buying and selling?
  • How do you handle fluctuating demands from users?
  • What can be done to meet the needs of rapidly evolving customers?

An example of customer experience research is design research, which is used to develop products, services, and experiences that respond to human needs. To discover the underlying patterns of user behavior and experiences that drive decisions to choose products or services, one should analyze user data. Businesses can differentiate and innovate through this approach rather than tweaking current designs based on analytics. We offer the following services:

  • Analyses of ethnographic data
  • Insight into empathy
  • Behavior of consumers
Design thinking research
Design Office

Design Office:

  • Do you want your organization to adopt a customer-centric innovation culture?

An embedded design office is a secret of embedding design and innovation into an organization’s DNA by democratizing human-centered innovation and promoting collaboration across silos. Among our services are the following:

  • Roadmap for Innovation
  • Canvases for customer value propositions
  • Designing a business model


Taking a service and tailoring it to meet the needs of users and customers is what service design is all about. In addition to improving existing services, it can be used to create brand new ones.

The service design ensures that the product and service is developed for users and the group of customers who are purchasing the product. Providing value to customers and their customers is the purpose of service design. In service design, the customer is also taken into account when developing services.

The purpose of service is to deliver value to customers by facilitating their desired outcomes without assuming particular risks or costs.”

Design thinking involves understanding a potential product or service’s end user, including their goals, challenges, and aspirations, in order to solve problems. As a result, they come up with solutions based on their knowledge. Iteration is at the heart of design thinking as a methodology.