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Fully Managed Cloud Adoption?

Be it software, cloud or IT cloud
we have experts who can guide you through stage-wise adoption
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Fully Managed Cloud Adoption?


Is your business still behind the data security and cloud adoption maturity curve? Perhaps, it is time for you to think beyond the conventional and home-grown IT solutions. Adoption of cloud computing can empower your business with enhanced efficiency, productivity and profitability. No need to maintain an in-house computing infrastructure to consume computer services for your business anymore. The cloud computing platform enables you with advanced computing and storage capabilities. What’s more! Your applications can be scaled much faster in the specialized cloud server environment as opposed to the traditional server environments. The biggest advantage of opting for cloud services is that your business can choose from different levels of cloud platform management. This imparts a great degree of flexibility and control to your business in terms of application design.


Our cloud experts hold years of experience at developing world-class solutions based on SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). By enabling businesses with architecture, automation, enterprise API Integration, deployment and management of the cloud solutions, we let them simply plug into the infrastructure without any major need to implement or maintain. Businesses choose our infrastructure solutions to have us build their cloud implementation strategy. The enterprise customer portal deployment we engage in, have garnered a happy clientele for us. With our exceptional abilities to implement DevOps for your organization, rest assured about speeding the turn-around-times for your products and shortening your product cycles.

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How We Work?

cloud solutions

The cloud architects at Carmatec stay abreast of the latest trends in technology to effectively cater to the dynamic IT infrastructure needs of your business. Partnering with the big-league cloud developer communities, we have the industry prowess to mold your IT infrastructure in the context of the contemporary IT landscape. The joint efforts of our solutions experts, developers and business development specialists result into flexible and scalable solutions that are the best-in-industry.

Business Benefits

cloud solutions

Agile Development methodology

cloud solutions

End-to-End Integration Solutions

Reduced Cap-Ex

Enterprise class tested and deployed solution expertise

DevOPS ready solutions

24/7/365 Infrastructure teams

Server Consolidation


  • Infrastructure Audit
  • Capacity Planning
  • Availability Planning
  • Architecture
  • Migration & Consolidation


  • Effective Utilization of Computing Resources
  • Reduce Datacenter Space Utilization
  • Centralized Management & Upgrades
  • Faster Deployment in Minutes
Storage Virtualization


  • Capacity Planning
  • Architecture
  • Implementation
  • Data Migration & Consolidation
  • DR Site Planning & Setup


  • Centralized Data Management
  • Reduced TCO
  • Better Data Accessibility
  • Better Scalability & Fault Tolerance
Public & Private Cloud


  • Server Consolidation
  • Storage Virtualization
  • High Availability & Load Balancing
  • Centralized Management of Computing Resources


  • Business Continuity ( 99.99% Uptime )
  • On Demand & Faster Provisioning
  • Complete Management Stack for IT Infrastructure
  • Control on Data
  • Ideal For SaaS & Health Care Services
Hybrid Cloud


  • Private + Public Cloud Model
  • Private Cloud Implementation
  • Integration With Public Cloud Providers


  • Better Elasticity & Scalability
  • 100% Uptime
  • More On-demand Utilization

Our software architecture keeps compliance in mind and we develop applications in compliance to various industry requirements, such as HIPAA, PCI to name a few.

Hybrid Cloud


  • Identity and User access management
  • Application and data monitoring and audit
  • On-Demand Security Controls
  • Rapid Re-Constitution of Services
  • Compliance audits & hardening of servers


  • Fault Tolerance and Reliability
  • Greater Resiliency
  • Simplification of Compliance Analysis
  • Low-Cost Disaster Recovery and Data Storage Solutions
  • Protection Against Network Attacks

Software Development

  • Business Analysis
  • Process Automation
  • Application & Mobile Extensions
  • API Integration
  • Deployment on Cloud

SaaS App Development

  • SaaS Architecture Design
  • Development in ROR/CakePHP
  • API Integration with 3rd party apps
  • Deployment on Cloud

Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud Architecture
  • Server Consolidation
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Private & Hybrid Cloud Setups
  • App Deployment on Cloud

Business Services on Cloud

  • SaaS Application Development
  • API Integration with Existing Portal
  • Cloud Customer Portal Development
  • Deployment & Maintenance on Cloud

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