With over 15 years of expertise in the IT Industry, we have carved out a niche for ourselves to become an enterprise class solutions provider. With our stringent quality control measures, best practices and excellent crew, we bring to you the BEST solutions at nominal rates. Carmatec’s portfolio of services is in line with the changing trends in the industry and, encompasses the latest technologies and best of talent. We started providing Rails Development and developer hosting support through Railscarma in 2006 when it was still in its nascent stage. We have a strong workforce trained in RoR, with experience working on live RoR development projects and hosting platforms. We also provide web design and development services through ColorCuboid .

2003 – Carmatec starting operations

Carmatec started its operations in 2003 to offer technical support services to datacentres and hosting companies, primarily based out of US and Europe under the brand name InstaCarma. The name InstaCarma was coined out of the team’s core values of quick turnaround time (Insta) for all aspects of service delivery and quality work (Carma). With customer responsiveness and quality as cornerstone, InstaCarma was able to build a delighted customer base, mostly through customer referrals.

2008 – Launch of RailsCarma

With years of experience supporting hosting customers, hosting companies and datacentres, Carmatec gained in-depth understanding of hosting systems that fuel the internet today. In 2008, Carmatec launched RailsCarma, a specialised brand to offer software development services on Rails platform. RailsCarma undertook many hosting systems integration, cloud deployment systems, healthcare SaaS applications and many such projects. Over years, RailsCarma managed to acquire in-depth expertise in cloud development especially in developing and maintaining SaaS applications on private cloud systems.

2010 – ColorCuboid - Total Internet Presence and Branding Solutions for the Web

ColorCuboid was added to Carmatec’s brand portfolio in 2010, where we offer complete Internet Presence Solutions. ColorCuboid offers web design and development services that are crafted to produce business results. With advanced data analytics and expertise from the marketing discipline, we are able to produce websites that help companies achieve their strategic goals using internet as a medium.

2011 – ServerMascot - Worlds first online web store for on-demand IT Services

In 2011, ServerMascot was launched to offer on-demand system administration services to companies who owned servers. With ServerMascot, they could avail expert system administration services at a fraction of the traditional cost. ServerMascot today functions with a 24×7 support helpdesk and industry leading SLAs, managing many servers around the globe, for satisfied customers.

2012 – CLIMB Education - Foraying into education industry with a noble intention

Noticing the dearth of talented and industry-ready workforce, Carmatec decided to launch its own training venture. With a vision to make IT training affordable to the masses through use of collaborative and assistive technologies, Carmatec launched CLIMB Education in 2012. Through CLIMB, Carmatec aspires to touch the lives of learners, enlightening them with essential knowledge most sought after by the industry. Students welcomed this venture through great participation, joining Carmatec after successful completion of the career program.

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