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Get single code for both Android & iOS with Flutter app development services.

Flutter App Development Services

Carmatec is one of the top-notch global flutter app development company with cutting-edge expertise in Flutter development services. With Agile and custom approach to application development, our team ensures the delivery of flawless code that empowers your business with ultimate efficiency. Passionate about implementing disruptive technologies and the latest technological innovations to our projects, enabling enterprises to make our world a better place, we are always looking for clients whose penchant matches ours.

With its newly-launched Flutter, an advanced cross-platform application development framework, Google has attracted all the tech wizards and geeks from across the world. Carmatec takes pride in its dedicated and specialized team that possesses exposure to this technology right from its advent, and hence, a strong command over its use. This enables them to produce flawless code and develop and deliver superior quality Flutter applications. With progressively improving implementation of this rather new technology, our team makes sure your business can capitalize on its merits in the best way possible.

By adopting a highly systematic and well-defined agile process, we make sure at every step that your application is developed while minimizing the errors and bugs. Starting by undertaking extensive research and discussions with the concerned stakeholders, our team gets to the depth of your business needs, and with constant improvement in creating features that cater to your exact requirements, it empowers your business with the best-fit solution.

Flutter Application Development Framework

With its ease-of-implementation and cost-effectiveness, Google’s Flutter app development uses single code structure which has revolutionised the world of mobile applications for iOS and Android Operating Systems. Being an open-source framework with a single code structure, it is freely available and effortless to use for the developers. With all the convenience it offers, it speeds up the development process and helps in markedly reducing the turnaround time of your project. By leveraging on their expertise to effectively utilise this technology, our team is adept in developing feature-rich and high-quality applications that are equipped with highly customised design and features to fulfil your business needs.

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Advantages of Flutter App Development

Flutter is Google’s smart and innovative move in the world of mobile application development which has been welcomed by the technology fraternity with open arms. Here are the reasons which make it popular, and the features that make it stand out in the technology world:

Make your Widget on your own!

Flutter lets the developers play with its existing widgets and create their widget with the use of their technical expertise and business insights. The availability of various options in a vast collection of widgets in its library enables developers with a lot of flexibility in terms of choices.

Speedy and Efficient Testing

The beauty of using a single code structure is that it also helps in speeding up the testing of the application for both iOS and Android operating systems. And the efficiency of the quality assurance process also goes a few notches higher because of this compelling and efficient testing process.

Single Codebase for All Platforms

With its Single Code Structure, the developers can work effectively without having to develop multiple codes for every distinct operating system. So, they can work with the same code on Android as well as iOS, and this further helps save them on their time and resources to efficiently produce the project deliverables.

Speedy and Developer-friendly Programming

With wide-ranging features availed by Flutter, the developers can achieve agile coding of dynamic and complex application platforms in a highly efficient fashion. By utilising the functionality of Hot reload, for example, they can modify the code and eventually evaluate it to accomplish the job with ease and speed.

Dart based framework with Material Design and Cupertino

Flutter is based on Dart, a programming language that achieves an ‘ahead-of-time’ native performance while using different platforms and operating systems. By creating smooth animations and transitions, it ensures speedy loading to keep the audiences engaged for long. This framework implements material design for android and Cupertino for iOS applications.

Faster Experience for Users & Easy Adaptability for Developers

While the technology is rather newly-launched, it boasts of numerous features that allow the developers to serve to your business and its end users with a smooth and engaging experience Also, since it is extremely easy to be learnt and used by novice developers, it is even more alluring for the developers from across the globe.

Tech Stack

We pioneer in advanced technology stack to craft cutting-edge technology solutions for your brand.

Industries We Serve for Flutter Development

As one of the leading flutter app development companies our core expertise keeps an eye out for latest trends and needs across all the possible business verticals. We have a vast pool of talent that excels at flutter development services and implementation for you, no matter your industry or geographic location.

Why Choose Carmatec as Your Flutter App Development Company?

Carmatec’s application development and project management process is agile and highly seamless to enable us in creating and delivering significant positive business value for our client businesses. With our process-oriented approach to shape the project deliverables, we are driven continuously to upgrade our solutions that meet the dynamic requirements of your complex projects with the needed dexterity and quality. Here are the reasons that make Carmatec, a perfect candidate to be considered as your Flutter App Development partner:

Bespoke And Inventive Development Process

Our highly innovative process offers the most advanced features to help you stay ahead of your competition. With customized parts, we make your application correctly reflect your brand in a digital marketplace.

Cross-industry Experience

Our team has in-depth exposure to Flutter technology with extensive and well-rounded experience across industries and technologies. This helps our team take care of the technical aspects of your application without missing out on its business aspects.

Team of Flutter Specialists

Our team specializes in Flutter development and leverages on this expertise to create unique and advanced features for your business application on both iOS and Android platforms. Years of experience have given them deep industry knowledge of businesses of various sizes, making them an asset to your team.

Uninterrupted Support and Maintenance

Our job does not end when your application is developed and deployed. We provide you with on-going support and maintenance services to keep your app up-to-date at all times. With our error-free Flutter development, it is not only easy to maintain your application, our responsive support also makes sure of your peace of mind with its smooth functioning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flutter provides the flexibility to build a wide range of applications, including mobile apps for iOS and Android, desktop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as web applications. With its versatile nature, Flutter enables developers to create diverse applications such as social media platforms, e-commerce apps, productivity tools, games, and more.

Choosing between Flutter and React Native depends on various factors such as project requirements, development expertise, and specific platform needs. Flutter offers a seamless UI experience and faster development with a single codebase, while React Native provides wider community support and easier integration with existing native codebases. Ultimately, the better choice depends on the specific context and priorities of the project.

Yes, Flutter supports building applications for both web and mobile platforms. With Flutter, developers can write a single codebase and deploy it as a web app that runs in modern browsers, as well as create native-like mobile apps for iOS and Android using the same codebase.

Outsourcing Flutter app development offers several benefits, including access to a global talent pool of experienced Flutter developers, cost savings due to lower labor costs in certain regions, and the ability to focus on core business activities while leaving app development to experts. Additionally, outsourcing can provide faster development timelines and scalability, as dedicated teams can be easily scaled up or down based on project needs.

The cost of developing a Flutter app can vary significantly depending on factors such as app complexity, desired features, design requirements, development hours, and the location of the development team. It is important to discuss project specifications with potential development partners to obtain accurate cost estimates tailored to specific project needs.

The development timeline for a Flutter app can vary depending on factors such as app complexity, desired features, development team size, and project scope. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to develop a Flutter app, with the timeline influenced by factors unique to each project.

Our utilization of a project management system allows us to monitor daily progress effectively. We can provide you with login credentials or access to our system, enabling you to create tasks, assign work, and easily communicate with your dedicated developers. Moreover, our developers are accessible through instant messaging (IM) platforms like Skype, Google Hangouts, Yahoo, etc., facilitating swift communication channels.

Yes, it is possible to integrate Flutter into an existing application. Flutter offers the flexibility to add Flutter-based screens or modules into an existing app, allowing developers to leverage the benefits of Flutter’s UI framework while seamlessly integrating it with the existing codebase.

We are fully committed to fulfilling our clients’ operational requirements and firmly believe that the customary process of signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with each customer is the most effective approach to ensure mutual success.

Yes, as the top Flutter development agency we offer top notch post-development support services. These services include bug fixing, app updates, feature enhancements, and technical support to ensure the smooth functioning and continuous improvement of the Flutter app even after its initial development phase.