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Efficient project deliveries & shorter turn-around times are for real! Keep pace with the fast-moving world with our custom DevOps services.

DevOps Services

A combination of two words, Development and Operations, DevOps is a culture that puts development and IT operations in the same boat. This method improves IT service delivery with teams working together for continuous development, testing, feedback, and deployments. Organizations want to balance conflicting concerns of quick releases and stable systems. DevOps is a philosophy to assemble these two conflicting priorities, achieve more synergy between groups, and create an outstanding outcome. Employing this philosophy shifts our mindset about our separate roles and responsibilities, provides a harmonious in-team connection and makes the result more worthwhile.

With 16 years of industry presence across multiple verticals, Carmatec is well-positioned to offer customized solutions to all our customers. Do get in touch with us to learn more.


Business Benefits of DevOps Services

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  • Increase Business Efficiency
  • Improve Response Time
  • Increase Ops alignment to business goals
  • Reduced Cost over time
  • Improve Business Agility
  • Better Employee Productivity & Satisfaction

Operational Benefits

  • Faster delivery of new features
  • Better release control & versioning
  • More frequent software releases
  • Better development velocity
  • Reduce Time for Action
  • Better collaboration amongst project teams
  • Reduced IT Costs
  • Better Productivity

InstaEdge DevOps Services

Carmatec offers you various DevOps services through its InstaEdge program to help you kick-start your DevOps journey. With our extensive industry experience, we have bespoke solutions for our clients. Join us and experience the excellent DevOps implementation first-hand.


DevOps Planning

InstaEdge brings an edge starting from your ideation state to the final launch of products. We bring you a full-fledged plan, which envisages cross-departmental collaboration, architecture & environment design, and sets up processes with a solid workflow for continuous delivery and deployment. This helps you meet the reliability and quality expectations of customers.

Continuous Delivery and Deployment

DevOps team continuously engages with the ops team throughout the application lifecycle that is constantly tested and deployed—using configuration management tools like Puppet, Chef, and CFEngine. Performance and stability are vital aspects of quality.

Continuous Integration & Tests

Continuous integration using agile development practices as a high-quality working solution. A DevOps team can manage minor code modifications and improvements more efficiently through Continual Integration.

Continuous Monitoring and Support

We have skilled and certified IT professionals who can monitor and support your DevOps environment and applications, Incident management, event-service-process log, and advanced performance logging and monitoring tools like Logstash, New Relic, Nagios, etc. With 16 years of industry experience and exposure to diverse IT and software development areas, Carmatec has positioned itself as a mature organization that walks the talk and provides customized, end-to-end solutions.

Other Industries We Serve

Our exhaustive range of digital transformation services doesn’t end in the education industry. We have a vast pool of talent that excels at digital transformation consulting and implementation for you, no matter your industry or geographic location.