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Enterprise Application Integration

Organizations tend to buy different software solutions for their various needs, and although these solutions work great for an individual computer or team, they create informational islands in no time. This process is cumbersome, counterproductive to developing redundant information, and requires manual updates. Enterprise Application Integration is an approach or a series of techniques to provide interoperability between different enterprise infrastructure systems.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is the way for enterprises to integrate legacy applications, hardware systems, business processes, and modern technologies such as Virtualization, Cloud, etc. With years of cross-industry experience and domain expertise, Carmatec helps you build highly scalable enterprise integration solutions. Carmatec’s Enterprise Application Integration services include web service integration, data integration solutions, service-oriented architecture solutions, content integration, and business process solutions for various industries. Enterprise Application Integration relies on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), a collection of standards-based interfaces to business functions, to leverage open standards while comprising both legacy and newer systems. EAI built on SOA helps enterprises create reusable, integrated business process models through various graphical tools.

Enterprise Application Integration

How we work?

We specialize in integrating legacy and cutting-edge cloud solutions through API development. Enterprise solutions built this way allow an organization and its executives to have a total view of business processes rather than spending countless hours interpolating reports. We also develop data-rich dashboards that enable quick drill-downs into your most specific data point, making both micro and macro-level analysis a breeze.

Carmatec Edge

  • Carmatec Edge
  • Swift integration of existing business processes into the new system
  • Process-centric development strategy
  • Constant support and maintenance for the solutions developed
  • An experienced and diverse workforce
  • In-house DevOps Culture to speed up turnaround times

Business Benefits

  • Accelerate business integration
  • Real-time & Efficient information access
  • Streamline Processes
  • Enhance ROI
  • Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Multi-platform  interoperability for data & information

Solutions By Industry

Datacenter Automation

Carmatec assists you in integrating your data center processes across physical, virtual, or cloud environments. The SOA ( Service Orientation Architecture) of data center automation we follow allows better integration of services all over the data center.

All this means for your business is that it will “consolidate your data center” by bringing the world of servers and applications to a single platform. By availing of our Data center automation services, you will be able to realize the transformative power of automation as a framework to enable dramatic improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of your data center operations.


  • Automatic deployments
  • Automatic provisioning
  • Cloud integrations and automatic deployment systems
  • Capacity management
  • Remote reboot API integrations
  • Increased service levels by faster reaction times
  • Offering enhanced efficiency
  • Refined performance by decreasing human errors and setbacks
  • Boosted productivity
  • High level of Compliance
  • More significant ROI
  • Exceptional agility

HealthCare Automation

Carmatec provides you with comprehensive HealthCare Automation solutions. Our committed software developers and designers follow a customer-focused and hands-on approach to maximize product performance and ensure ongoing customer success. Integrating HealthCare Automation services into your clinic is the key to improved cash flow and workflow.

Our scalable solutions are created to help you streamline your healthcare management operations more efficiently. Our healthcare Automation software solutions are HIPPA compliant. With our private cloud deployment model, you will have access to all the features of traditional deployment and the added feature of the app being deployed on the cloud.

Customized Healthcare Features

  • E-Prescription – Prescriptions that are electronically generated, that is, from the healthcare unit directly to the pharmacy.
  • Electronic Medical Record – Comprehensive computerized medical records having easy search options and user friendly interface.
  • Electronic Appointment Reminder – Automatic appointment reminders are sent to the patient before 24 hours of the appointment. Now, appointments will be followed on time!
  • Advanced Scheduling – Creating new patient list, scheduling multiple appointments and tracking patient flow becomes much easier with this feature.
  • Patient Portal – A dedicated patient portal will help patients interact with the clinicians in an easy and hassle free manner.
  • Clinic Portal – Clinic management, patient scheduling, doctor availability, etc becomes much easier with this add-on.
  • Insurance claim automation – An easier way to integrate insurance company details with that of patient, thereby decreasing the hassle of documentation and easing up processing.
  • Inventory Management – This allows you to efficiently manage stock levels and track items dispensed to patients. An alarm or a message is triggered when stocks reach a minimum level (adjustable).
  • SMS gateway integration – SMS gateway integration will help clinicians keep in touch with patients through automated messages. A prompt message can be triggered through which the patient will get to know about an upcoming appointment or receive invoice information.

Custom ERP Solutions and Integrations

With the latest development in technology and WEB 2.0 integration coupled with mobility, ERP solutions should be able to adapt to the changing needs of any organization dynamically. Carmatec helps enterprises by providing ERP Solutions that use new business computing paradigms to integrate IT processes across company divisions and departments. Our ERP business solutions fully integrate ERP capabilities to help you effectively manage a wide range of functions across your enterprise.

Custom RP Solutions

Our ERP Solutions

  • Sales Management
  • Order management
  • Staff Management
  • Stock and Inventory Management
  • Supply-chain management
  • Production planning
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Financial Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Data analysis and workflow management
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting (MIS)
  • Document and Workflow Management.

Hosting Control Panel Development

Carmatec hires highly skillful software developers to ensure control panels are designed to satisfy the particular requirements of every single client.

Carmatec’s Control Panels operates utilizing an easy-to-navigate web automation interface. Maximum navigating capacity has been facilitated so that you can discover the functionality you will need at any point in time.

The Control Panels we develop aim to make you self-sufficient very quickly so that you can focus on giving your customers exceptional service.

Control Panel Features

  • E-Mail Management
  • FTP Management
  • Autoinstaller
  • Full DNS Control
  • Fully featured file manager
  • Web-based Administor

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