Custom Insurance Software Development

Offer your customers a simplified insurance process with the right software customized to their needs.

What are Insurance Software Solutions?

Insurance software is designed to help insurance carriers, agencies, and brokerages to manage their day-to-day operations. These systems help you keep track of small as well as vital things in the easiest possible way. With this software, one can keep track of policies and claims information, manage diversely spread resources and more.

Insurance software combines the features of business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM). This facilitates a digital hub for all the company’s primary insurance processes. At Carmatec, we partner with clients to help them transform significant aspects of the company’s primary insurance process.


Custom Insurance Software Solutions

Document Management Software

  • Document templates
  • Document creation
  • Document viewing and editing
  • Version control
  • Document sharing

Custom Insurance Software

  • Policy creation
  • Claims management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Analytics and reporting

Risk Management Software

  • Risk identification
  • Risk assessments
  • Monitoring and testing
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Issue management

Insurance Agency Software

  • Commission Management
  • Document Management
  • Insurance Rating
  • Policy Management
  • Property & Casualty
  • Quote Management
  • Claims Management
  • Contact Management

End-to-end Custom Insurance Solutions

Custom insurance software development services for insurance businesses
to stay ahead of the competition curve and meet the changing demands of users.

Insurance Software Development Expertise

Cloud-based Insurance Apps

Deliver next-gen consumer experience to your customers by integrating secure cloud infrastructure with your business solutions. 

  • Consumer cloud computing
  • Scalable and accessible solutions
  • Powerful and pervasive analytics software

Machine Learning Chatbots 

Assist your customers any time they need by using AI/ ML-based chatbots in your insurance software solutions. 

  • Personalized insurance assistants
  • ML Model development, training, and tuning
  • Data aggregation, processing, and analysis tools

AI-based Insurance Apps

Adopt AR/ VR solutions in your retail to enable an intuitive and amazing experience for your shoppers.

  • Fraud detection and credit analysis
  • Customer profiling and segmentation
  • Product and policy designing 
  • Underwriting and claims assessments

Big Data Retail Analytics Apps

Leverage big data in your insurance software to bring in new opportunities and gain deeper customer understanding to improve your processes. 

  • Insightful analytics dashboard for staff
  • Data aggregation tools for insurance businesses
  • Data analysis apps for targeted marketing
  • Fraud detection and threat mapping

End-to-end Custom Insurance Solutions

Custom insurance software development services for insurance businesses
to stay ahead of the competition curve and meet the changing demands of users.


Every project is unique and so the time frame, as well as the efforts, significantly vary. However, it generally takes around 4-6 weeks to build a simple website with lesser complexities. We can provide you with an accurate estimation for hours and associated cost once you share your detailed requirements with us.

Carmatec emphasizes on delivering quality solutions and our QA and testing team supports us to ensure the same. Our team comprises testing and QA experts with years of industry experience and are determined to deliver software solutions that are top-notch and offer flawless execution.

Yes, Carmatec offers post-launch support and maintenance. The services are free of cost for the first month. However, you can choose from our various support and maintenance packages and hire us for long-term support of your software.

We need a detailed specification report from the client’s end for successful project development and execution. If the requirements are stated clearly, it is easier for us to choose the relevant roadmap and build a strategy that delivers results in the long run. In case the customers are not well-prepared with it, our business consultants can even help them.

Our project managers are available for daily/ weekly/ monthly status update meetings on mutually agreed time with you. Apart from this, we also make sure to keep our project management tools updated in order to help you track progress.