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What is your Digital Transformation Game Plan?


While your business might have a set game plan to digitally transform itself, in all likelihood, it can mostly lead to small changes to bring about business efficiency without really supercharging your business operations. True transformation can start by adopting the approach of questioning the status quo while reviewing the old processes and approaches and carrying out fundamental changes to the way you do your business.


Keep pace with your digitally transforming market


Digital Transformation of businesses is happening at a scale and speed that can be both threatening and promising for the business leaders. In the realm of Digital Transformation, disruption is a norm and change is taking place incrementally and constantly. With companies preparing to face a world where everything is digital and seamlessly connected, the trends such as digitalization, mobilization, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality are catching on faster than one can imagine.

Where is your business on its Digital Transformation journey?

How is your company prepared to stay competitive in such a digitally transforming and evolving market-place? To really know about it, here are a few questions your business needs to ask itself.

  • Is your organisational model is designed to embrace digital transformation?
  • Do you have a customised digital transformation strategy in place?
  • Does your business have the required knowledge and skill-set in-house?
  • Have you have identified undertaking the relevant programs and created an innovation ecosystem around you?
  • Are you considering new and disruptive business models for your business?
  • Have you reshaped your operating model to bring about more efficiency?
  • Have you mapped out your digital journey around creating right set of digital experiences for your target audiences?

Did you answer ‘No’ to most of these questions? It is about time you’d reconsider your approach and get into the driving seat, with all the speedy digital transformation our markets are facing. Above all, you need to act fast to have your digital transformation game on point.


Reinvent your business by Digitally Transforming it

As much as most businesses would like to believe, digital enablement is not something they can simply buy off-the-shelf and plug into their existing infrastructure. Digital Transformation is not just integrating digital technology into all areas of the business, but in true sense of the term, it is an evolving process of changing the way a company conducts its business.

Our Digital Transformation Solutions

Custom App Development

Our custom app development services are backed by our team’s extensive industry expertise and domain knowledge. Our application development makes use of the contemporary open source technologies including PHP and Ruby on Rails for web platform and Android and iOS for the mobile platforms.

AI & Machine Learning

At Carmatec, we work on creating Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence based scientific solutions to your business problems that help you derive data-driven decisions as quickly asb your business needs.

Cloud Computing

We offer professional cloud services on the AWS Platform. From designing to architecting, building, migrating, and managing your applications built for web and mobile platforms, our team help create secure, flexible and scalable cloud environments for your business.

Mobile Application Development

With expertise in developing mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms, we utilise the latest tools and technologies to create powerful and high-performing mobile apps to achieve positive ROI for your business.


Big Data and Analytics

Our Big Data Engineering capabilities enable businesses in making smarter decisions and our Business Intelligence Consulting services provide your business with the right solutions at various stages of your business cycle.


App Modernization

We cater to the need for your application to go agile and scalable by offering the most exhaustive application modernization services that address the issues in your legacy system that encompass high maintenance cost, multiple technology platforms, unsupported systems and more.

Harvest your Digital Capabilities to make it possible


For your business to excel in long term, undoubtedly, the biggest enabler of its digital transformation is a digital platform empowered with integrated data and processes. By cultivating data and turning it into business insights and by supporting open integration and an API economy, your business can make a mark in a hyper-competitive digital market.


Contact Carmatec today and let us talk about how we can help you review your digital transformation project from idea to implementation, helping you achieve low operational costs and maximised current and future revenue.



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