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What is Retail Software Development?

Retail software is the range of solutions that enables retailers to manage various aspects of their business. They include everything right from in-store management to marketing and promotions, enhancing the shopping experience for the customers and streamlining the order delivery and payments. Some of the advanced retail software integrated with AI and IoT also help with deeper insights to help organizations draft tailored strategies.

Key business benefits of custom retail software development include:

  • Convert Customers Faster
  • Higher Efficiency and Productivity
  • Better Inventory Management
  • Higher Customer Loyalty

Our Custom Retail Software Development Expertise

Retail Chatbots Development

Build opportunities, empower your retail store, and offer state-of-the-art customer experience via AI-powered chatbots that make your retail store available at the fingertips.

  • Digital shopping assistants
  • Chatbot architecture
  • API integration
  • Workflow chatbots

AI-Based Retail Solutions

Harness the potential of artificial intelligence to drive your business growth and customer satisfaction with AI-based retail solutions.

  • Inventory planning
  • Recommendation engines
  • Upsell and cross-sell channel marketing
  • Market segmentation

AR/ VR-based Retail Apps

Adopt augmented, virtual, and mixed reality to enable intuitive and breathtaking customer experience, helping them shop better.

  • Advanced In-Store Experience
  • In-Store Navigation
  • Product search and customization experience
  • Home In-Store Experience

Big Data Retail Analytics Apps

Leverage big data in your retail software to create new sales opportunities, gain deeper customer understanding and improve your processes.

  • Insightful analytics dashboard
  • Data aggregation tools
  • Data analysis apps
  • Business intelligence solutions

IoT-based Retail Software

Connect your diversely spread devices using IoT-based retail software that brings down intelligent inference at your fingertips and drives your strategies to grow.

  • Automated store checkout
  • Beacon-integrated smart retail stores
  • Supply chain software
  • Smart inventory management

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Choose from Custom Retail Software Development Services

Inventory Management Software

Manage your inventory better with cutting-edge software that provides all the needed features.

Warehouse Management Software

Easy-to-use warehouse management software that automates your workflow and makes it efficient.

Product Management Software

Keep track of every product in your inventory with reliable software solutions designed to suit you.

Store Management Software

Stay ahead of the competition curve by automating your store workflows and managing them better.

Order Management Software

Take control of order processing for the highest customer satisfaction with tailor-made software.

SCM Software

Stay updated on the supply chain and manage various facets in a few clicks with software at your fingertips.

Point-of-Sale Solutions

Allow your customers to make payments easily with faster processing using POS solutions.

eCommerce Integrations

Bring your brick-and-mortar store online with eCommerce development and integration services.

Mobile Wallets Development

Let your customers enjoy quick, safer, and more secure payments with mobile wallet solutions.

Retail CRM Software

It’s easier to manage relationships with your customers with tailor-made retail CRM software.

Retail Accounting Software

Don’t miss vital aspects of your account details, and make sure nothing goes inaccurate.

Rewards and Loyalty Software

Boost customer loyalty and keep them closer to your business with rewards and loyalty software.

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FAQ about Retail Software Development

Brick-and-mortar retailers employ POS software to carry out sales. It allows them to process payments efficiently or carry out other financial transactions.

  • Department stores
  • Discount stores
  • Supermarket
  • Warehouse Stores
  • Specialty Stores
  • Malls
  • E-Tailers

Retail ERP is an ERP system specifically designed for retailers and supports its essential module requirements.

The cost to build an eCommerce app depends on multiple aspects like features and functionalities, technical requirements, users, and much more. For accurate estimation, you can share your exact needs with us.

  • Time and material basis
  • Turnkey Model
  • Dedicated developer hiring