Hire Dedicated Developers

Build an expert development team by hiring dedicated developers in India from Carmatec. No matter your custom software development needs, we have a team to satisfy all your requirements.




Amongst several other reasons, the cost-effectiveness associated with our developers deserves special mention. Especially, for startups working on a tight budget, hiring dedicated developers proves to be highly beneficial. These developers can reduce their overall software costs by a whopping 75%.


Flexible operations

One of the prime reasons for hiring dedicated developers from Carmatec is flexible operations. While there is a need to ask for price quotes each time they execute a project for you, they are highly skilled developers who perform their job optimally.



There is no denying the significance of a developer capable of driving innovation for you. We pride ourselves on their ingenuity, innovative approaches, and passion. Naturally, these are some of the sought-after traits for a developer to be chosen.


Technical expertise

Profound technical expertise is a must-have for successful development projects. And hiring highly efficient developers from Carmatec is your best bet in this case. Thanks to their deep knowledge and extensive technical expertise, developing even a complex application becomes as smooth as you can imagine.



Successfully executing your development project is critical to your enterprise's success. And that is the reason you require reliable software developers. Our developers will prove to be your best partners in this context.


Advanced Support

No matter where you are stuck and at what time. Our dedicated developers are there to help you address your technical challenges with the greatest of logical and analytical skills combined with certified expertise.


Professionalism and service ethics

While executing your project, these professionals strictly adhere to the project timeline. And with development services hired from Carmatec comes extensive support and technical assistance to handhold you for all the crucial issues.

Our Hiring Developers Process


Contact us to share your detailed requirement with us. Our team will analyze your needs to offer a solution that best aligns with them.


We share solutions with an elaborate execution plan with you.


Based on your budget and plan, we propose a team of developers and share their CVs and arrange for you to interview them.


Once you are satisfied and have chosen your development team, the project gets started.

Advantage of Hiring Developers from Carmatec

Our ‘Hire-a-Resource’ offering does not only include experienced developers but encompasses:


Specialists in UI/UX

For Wireframing, Prototyping, Planning and Realizing your UX journeys


Experts in Cloud and Infrastructure

AWS, DevOps, 24×7 monitoring and security


On-demand Resources

To meet your QA & Project Management needs


Seamless Communication

Between your team and ours

Expertise of our Developers


Developers who have handled a minimum of 5 projects


Developers who have experience in working on global projects


Expertise in SaaS and Mobile Application Development


Strict Quality Control Measures.


Flexible with all time zones


Compliance to the industry best practices

Our Hire Developers in India Engagement Models

Choose from the variety of our hiring models!


  • Duration: 8 Hrs./Day – 5
  • 160 Hrs./ Month
  • Monthly Billing
  • Minimum 1 Month Hiring Period


  • Duration: 4 Hrs./Day – 5
  • 80 Hrs./ Month
  • Monthly Billing
  • Minimum 1 Month Hiring Period


  • Communication: Email, Skype and Phone
  • Monthly Billing
  • Minimum 25 Hours Hiring Period


Enrich your projects, however complex, with our extensive experience. Just the way they did!


For more than 20 years, Carmatec has been assisting companies in hiring dedicated developers in India. Here are some reasons to consider us:

  • Our developers possess a thorough comprehension of the newest technologies and developments in the field, which guarantees that your project will be completed on schedule.
  • We have a vast reservoir of qualified developers, making it simple to find the appropriate talent for your project.
  • We maintain strict quality criteria, ensuring that you can recruit skilled professionals.

With an experienced team of 100+ developers, each with an average of 5+ years of experience, we have some of the finest software developers on board. When you hire a developer from us, we make certain that you receive the best match for your project.

Choosing the right developer is just as critical as selecting the right company. We provide access to some of India’s most skill-full web and mobile developers. Prior to hire dedicated developers from our team, we follow appropriate procedures.

We are committed to comprehending your project requirements fully. We recommend scheduling an interview with our developers and hiring the one that best meets your needs. In the event that the developer you hire does not meet your expectations, we will offer another developer’s expertise.

If you require additional developers to accelerate the pace of your project’s development, we can quickly expand the team.

Our pricing is straightforward and clear. We offer the ability to engage skilled, dedicated developers at a rate of $20 per hour, with an average of 4 to 6 years of experience. Additionally, we offer tailored pricing for those interested in hiring dedicated developers in India. Please contact us to learn more.

Certainly, we are entirely dedicated to meeting our clients’ operational needs. We are convinced that the most effective approach to achieving success is by adhering to the customary process of signing an NDA with each customer.

Our developers work exclusively as an extension of your team, and you have complete control over their activities. You can communicate with them through various channels, such as chat, email, phone calls, and Skype. In summary, by hiring a developer from us, you gain complete authority over your team.

All of our software developers are permanent members of our team, which means that they are not likely to leave abruptly. However, if a developer departs in the middle of a project or their performance fails to meet your expectations, we have access to other skilled resources who can work on your project.

We use our project management system to track daily progress, which enables us to create login credentials for you or provide access to our PMS. Using our system, you can create tasks, assign work, and follow up with your dedicated developers.

Additionally, our developers are available via instant messaging (IM) platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Yahoo, etc. to facilitate quick communication.