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Introducing Smart Web Design Services

Web 2.0 manifested a cultural shift in the way web pages were developed, designed and perceived from a static and read-only web to a bi-directional and interactive web. Hailed as the semantic era, the age of web 3.0 is upon us! In simple words, the web 3.0 is meant to be a ‘smarter web’ resulting from the amalgamation of content, social, commercial and community.

A website is expected to be interactive, shareable, connected to multiple data sources that can help a prospective customer find the relevant information. With an ever-decreasing attention-span, expectations of today’s consumers are at all-time high. Optimized dynamic designs, easy navigation, search engine friendliness coupled with engaging and interactive content is what the web presence of a business should be all about. Carmatec is a leading web design company with 16 years of experience in UI/UX Designing.


Carmatec’s Internet presence solutions leveraging Smart Web Design services, brings you the best of:

web design services

User Experience & User Interface Design ( UI / UX )

web design services

High quality designs

web design services

Multi-device friendly – Responsive Web Design

web design services

Easy content management and precise communication

web design services

A fast website which is SEO friendly

web design services

Backed up by 24×7 customer support & Cloud Hosting


A website is a manifestation and a stepping-stone of an organization. They leave a lasting impression in the mind of a viewer. A smart well-designed website keeps your business’s goal in mind and let your customers reach out to you using a wide range of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PDAs or personal computers. Today’s time-pressed consumers desire information in the smallest time interval. At Carmatec, our Smart web designs create websites that are blazing fast, easy to look at and information-friendly with our website design services. Our websites use “responsive design” and extensive testing for mobile compatibility so that your website looks great no matter where it’s accessed from. Read about Responsive website Design – How to get it right to know more. Carmatec a Leading  web design company.



The clichéd redundant sounding phrase, “Content is King” is never truer than when it comes to talking about web designs.  Content is the cornerstone of an effective website. With the right content, a website can engage its most valuable commodity, its viewers. The content should be engaging, precise, informative and targeted to the audience of your website. The content of your website needs to follow quality guidelines to improve traffic and search engines rankings. Consider the structure of the websites, type of content and Local SEO factors when you are planning your website. At Carmatec our Smart Web Design takes care of your content strategy in such a way that it’s fine tuned for your specific need and business objectives.

A great content strategy has to be followed by excellent UI/UX (User Interface & User Experience design). This is one of the mainstays of a great website design. Colors invoke specific emotions and have different meanings in specific cultures. Choice of colors, placement of content, components of a layout, each segment has a specific independent and combined effect on your website’s performance.  Our team leverages 16 years of experience in creating, managing and reading website performance metrics to craft the smartest web design and mobile app development solution for your business.

Our Technology Stack for Web Design

Our smart web design packages offer wide range of technologies that can be utilized for your web design needs. We offer dynamic website packages around your existing technology stack so that there are no additional overheads on management. If you don’t have in-house staff, don’t worry, we offer completely managed website solutions too.

Benefits Of  Our Web Design Services

  • Market Oriented Solution ensures relevancy
  • Interactive website helps engaging customers
  • Socially connected to spread the word
  • Interactions focused on goals, eg: lead generated
  • SEO optimized gets higher search engine rankings
  • Business linked Analytics  measurements



Our clients’ success is essential to our business growth & we take it pretty seriously


Web Design Packages


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