Education Software Development

Build digitally authoritative eLearning portals to satisfy the needs of learners as well as the educators.

What are Education Solutions?

Education software is computer-based applications designed and developed with the primary purpose of teaching and self-learning. The software integrates multimedia content and interactive features that take learning and teaching beyond traditional methods. While educators can connect better with students, learners can enjoy a better experience.

Carmatec, as the top education software development company with its experience in eLearning software development solutions, enables brands to make the most of this changing ecosystem. The smart integration of software and hardware has enabled corporates to foster resource training, educators to deliver lessons across geographies, and institutions to streamline their operations.

Education Software Development

Custom Education Software Solutions

Learning Management Solutions

  • Built-in LMS
  • Certification management
  • Corporate/ business training management
  • Learner portal
  • Synchronous learning

Web-based Training Portal

  • Course creation
  • Cloud-based authoring tools
  • Responsive learning
  • Asset library
  • Reporting and data analytics

Student Information Management Software

  • Class registration
  • Attendance tracking
  • Classroom management
  • Gradebook
  • Progress reports
  • Parents portal
Education Software Development Company

Corporate Training Software

  • Integrated course booking
  • In-built CRMs
  • Well-integrated payment modules
  • Team tracking and evaluation
  • Certification tracking

Looking for a E-Learning and Education Software Development Company?

Enable learners to leverage a better learning experience and
educators go beyond traditional methods.

E-Learning and Education Software Development Expertise

AI-based Education Apps

Leverage AI’s potential to transform the education sector miraculously to build highly engaging and personalized learning solution. 

  • Personalized learning apps
  • AI-based feedback loop apps
  • AI-based smart content delivery apps
  • Ai-based comic and book apps

eLearning Portals

Foster better-learning experience and streamlined intuition operations using state-of-the-art educational apps. 

  • On-demand eLearning applications
  • Web portals 
  • Live classrooms
  • Interactive teaching platforms
  • Test and assessment portals

Machine Learning Chatbots

Bring the power of machine learning to your eLearning applications that enable a smarter education delivery system. 

  • Personalized chatbots for training
  • Self-learning systems for customized education
  • Conversational assessments and rating system

AR/ VR-based Education Apps

Adopt AR/ VR in your education systems to deliver real-time learning experience and better content delivery to the students. 

  • Immersive AR/ VR eLearning apps
  • Augmented reality classroom apps
  • Subject-specific education apps

Big Data Educational Analytics

Make the best use of collected data to enable streamlined educational apps and top-notch learning experiences. 

  • Insightful analytics dashboard for staff
  • Data aggregation tools for the education sector
  • Data analysis apps for targetted marketing
Education Software Development big data

End-to-end Custom Learning Solutions

Enable learners to leverage a better learning experience and
educators go beyond traditional methods.


In past Carmatec has worked on many types of eLearning solutions such as:

  • Employee training solutions
  • Self-paced online learning solutions
  • Virtual classroom apps
  • Lesson planning apps
  • Test simulation and online preparation 
  • Learning management software
  • On-demand tutor apps

Carmatec’s core area of expertise includes web and mobile app development. We enable our clients to leverage the latest technologies to take their brands online via web or mobility medium. Some of these technologies include:

Yes. Carmatec holds experience in developing top-notch websites as well as mobile apps for multiple clients in the education domain.

Defintely. Carmatec would be glad to offer a helping hand for the same. Kindly share the requirements in detail and we shall begin with a thorough website analysis followed by further revamp process.

Having helped multiple clients navigate from the web to mobile, we take it as a proud privilege to assist you on the same. Reach out to us to share your requirements in detail and we shall fulfil them.