7 Common Mobile App Development mistakes the startups make

August 10, 2017

As a business just starting up, are you considering to develop a mobile app for easy and effective reach to your target audience? You must find this article useful to be mindful and avoid all those mistakes that startups are likely to make while embarking on their mobile application development journey.

1. Lack of clarity of purpose behind app development

In all the excitement to own a proprietary application for their business, many startups tend to miss out on making one of the most important considerations: whether their business really needs an application and what purpose it is supposed to fulfil in case it does need one. It is noteworthy that there are many businesses for which an application may just not be required and therefore, before taking the decision to build a mobile application, it is important to be clear about the necessity and the very purpose of it.

2. Lack of a clear-cut app marketing strategy

While a right strategy to market your mobile application can help your business easily reach out to a wider audience, a lack of clear cut app marketing strategy can turn all your app development efforts futile. So, as you plan your mobile application development, you should ensure that the marketing strategy of your application should be an integral part of your application development project.

3. Choosing a platform not perfect for the application

After the initial strategy-level considerations, comes the important decision of choosing the right platform to build the application that many startups tend to take for granted and this is the reason why they usually end up making a wrong choice of the platform. To take the right decision, therefore, you need to first understand the type of your application and based on all the pros and cons of each type of platform, you need to decide as to which platform would be better suited to your application. While native and cross-platform applications both can have their own merits and demerits, startups are usually advised to opt for a native application.

4. Mindlessly copying another app for all its features

Every business is unique and so are its needs and situations. And in such a case, it is just not advisable for a startup to mindlessly copy all the features of an application to build their own as this may have serious implications for their business. So, while it is okay to take inspiration from the similar existing applications, while building your own, to get a competitive edge, you must custom-craft your application according to your own exact business needs.

5. Overwhelming your application with too many features

There are times when in a strong pursuit of making their business application highly functional and feature-rich, startups end up overlooking the neatness and usability of their application design. This results in an application cluttered with too many features that do not only tend to make the application difficult to use but also affect the performance of the application. The design of the application therefore, must be well thought-through from its usability point of view, while planning the features to be included.

6. Not testing your app enough before its launch

Testing is one critical aspect of the entire application development process and overlooking to test the application sufficiently can be one of the biggest mistakes on part of a startup as they reach the stage of launching the application. An application that is not completely free of bugs can have more negative than positive implications for their brand image. So, if you want your startup application to start on the right feet, test it rigorously to make sure that it is free of any bugs that can potentially harm your brand in the long run.

7. Underestimating the need to outsource app development

Last but not the least, many startups remain skeptical about the idea of outsourcing mobile application development from a professional development provider – thinking that this will exceed their budget and ultimately, end up paying more on first, hiring and amateur and then having to deal with lots of rework and inefficient processes. As a startup, your business must consider mobile application development services from a professional provider that compliments your idea and passion with their technology and experience to help you come up with your application as efficiently as you can.

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