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As an e-commerce store owner, you must be wondering at times, whether or not to make a move from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and if at all, when to do so. Here, in this post, is all that you need to know about what has changed from Magento 1 to Magento 2 before you arrive at a conclusion on this.

There are mainly 3 areas where one can notice significant improvement in Magento 2 over Magento 1:

Speed & Performance

Performance was one of the core concerns behind coming up with a newer version of Magento, Magento 2. Not only can Magento 2 load the pages about 30-50% faster, it can also easily handle about 40% more order on a per hour basis along with more than 50% speedier ‘add-to-cart’ times. With proper hosting setup, it is therefore capable of delivering almost instant response times even for the actions such as catalog browsing. An improved performance translates into an improved user interaction as well with your website leading to more ‘add-to-cart’ actions which in turn, results in more sales with fewer incidences of shopping cart abandonment. So, Magento 2 can handle more traffic with over 10 million page views per hour as opposed to Magento 1 which can handle only about 200,000 in an hour.

Administrative Functionality

With its various aspects of improved ‘Create a product’ function, enhanced data view and filtering and the improvements in the overall admin navigation, Magento 2 makes the task of administering your e-commerce application a breeze. A robust yet simple administrative back-end for any e-commerce site is the need of the hour, because e-commerce business owners are too busy to be spending too much time dealing with the complications of administering their application. Magento has Introduced new product creation tool to make adding the products about 4 times faster. It has added a robust data grid view allowing you to customize what attributes you want to see in the grid view without having to seek a developer’s help. The new – cleaner and less cluttered admin interfaces are much simpler and lead to a rather short learning curve and higher productivity on the parts of the application administrators. While Magento 1, that’s meant for single admin user could pose trouble for large sites having multiple admin users, it is not so in the case of Magento 2. In addition to these features, Magento 2 also supports uploading the videos from YouTube natively.

User Experience

The improvements in Magento with its new version, Magento 2 have made a big difference to the customer experience an e-commerce application can offer. From eliminating the issues related to shopping cart abandonment to making the application more mobile-friendly, Magento 2 does not only make the application simpler and more user-friendly but also, lead to generating more sales from your e-commerce store. A much smoother and simpler checkout process in Magento 2 is vital to resulting in more website conversions and making the most sales out of your website in times when the users are less tolerant to process complications. Magento 2 also has an improved search function wherein the customers can now find their desired products more efficiently. The default search engine has been replaced by ElasticSearch for Enterprise Edition, resulting in better search results and fewer development costs. Considering the recent surge in the volume of e-commerce transactions happening on mobile devices, Magento 2 has also focused on making significant improvement in the overall shopping experience using mobile devices. With improve search abilities & a much better and streamlined checkout process friendly to mobile devices, Magento 2 can deliver a significant hike in the conversion rates with respect to mobile shopping on your app.

Considering all these reasons, you may be convinced to upgrade to Magento 2. Your decision however, is highly reliant on the current condition of your application. For example, in case your website is performing decently well and your Magento version is not completely outdated, you might not immediately want to upgrade, but have upgradation plans on your pipeline. However, if you are on an older version or even a newer version of Magento but your website is not performing up to the mark, an upgradation to Magento 2 can make a lot of difference for your app’s performance.

If you’re serious about significantly improving the performance of your e-commerce application, feel free to buzz us and our experts will impart the needed insight on this.

As a leading ecommerce development company , Carmatec holds extensive experience at providing end-to-end result-driven ecommerce solutions based on Magento to various organizations across industries. Contact us now & our e-commerce experts can guide you through this transition with their deep business insight

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