Advantages of the Contemporary Flat Web Design

October 31, 2017

It’s been a while now that the flat designs are ruling the web world and it is not for no reason. With this post, we want to recount the key advantages of implementing a flat design to the web presence of your business which can help you make a choice of the design style of your website:


#1: Design Looks Clean

Flat Web Design

As flat design lacks drop shadows, embossing and other effects, the design looks very clean & elegant. All the flat design lacks, is just the extra effects. Flat design allows the users to focus on content rather than these extra effects.


#2: Increases the website performance

Flat Web Design

With fewer effects, flat design reduces file size hence, boosts the speed. Search engine ranking depends upon page loading speed so you can expect better ranking using this concept.


#3: Enhances Responsiveness

Flat Web Design

Flat designs are created mainly using the SVGs i.e, scalable vector graphics, which is resized and scaled by browsers quickly without losing on the quality. Text inside this graphics will be sharper and legible to the readers.


#4: Increases Flexibility

Flat Web Design

Flat designs include different styles like -card, grid, modules, etc. which help the visitors to navigate quickly and easily. As this style is screen friendly, it can easily fit inside different sizes of the screens without disturbing the design and content. Hence, it gives a better user experience.


#5: Better Solution for Skeuomorphism

Flat Web Design

“Skeuomorphism is the practice of incorporating the look of an object that was made in another material into a design”

As already discussed in the first point, the flat design lacks effects, which is better solution for Skeuomorphism. This style combines all the good aspects of minimalism and Skeuomorphism both, so it is not only user-friendly but it is also friendly to the search engines. It is a perfect style for achieving great UX.

The best part about using a flat design for your website is that it combines aesthetics along with functionality to result in user-friendly as well as search engine friendly interfaces that perform better in terms of loading speed as well. All of these factors together result in creating user experiences that are remarkable. And user experience is what really counts the most in the modern-day web design as evident from all the latest design trends being adopted in the market.

Flat Designs, thus, seem to be tailored answer for the contemporary need of the business web presence to create beautiful and expedient user experiences. Contact us to have our experts suggest you how you can implement this contemporary style of web design to the web presence of your business and how to make the most if it.