Ecommerce Website Design Features For Higher Conversion Rate

March 20, 2018

The biggest motivation behind setting-up your ecommerce website is achieving a high sales conversion rate. Despite this fact, optimization of one’s ecommerce website design for high conversion rates mostly fails to attract its due attention in the digital marketing. The reason behind is nothing but a lack of understanding of what works best with the end-users of your ecommerce portal. In this article, we have summarised some of the key features, your ecommerce portal must consider to include, to turn your website visitors into your clients faster.

Quality Product Images

The images used in your ecommerce website are one of the primary factors contributing to the online sales conversions your website achieves. So, for any ecommerce website, it is critical to employ superior quality images, whether on the website home page or for showcasing their products. Further, the features such as the ability to zoom in to the images and the ability to view the images from different angles, gives the visitors, a good idea about the look and quality of the products.

Relevant Content

The product images ought to be accompanied by relevant content that informs the visitor about critical product features that can help the visitor make their purchase decision. This content is critical to help you shorten the sales cycle and improve your website conversion rates.

Minimum Checkout steps

A checkout process with too many steps can lead to high rates of shopping cart abandonment. To avoid this to happen to your otherwise expedient ecommerce website, put your feet in the website user’s shoes and determine just how many checkout steps would they be able to bear with. Minimising the number of checkout steps is key to shorten the sales cycle and enhance your website conversion rates.

Search Feature

Any ecommerce website comprises of a lot of categories and sub-categorised list. So, to prevent the users from putting a lot of their time into searching their product of interest by fumbling into the complicated mesh of categories and their sub-categories, provide them with a simple to use search feature.

Offer Live Chat

The website traffic can be enhanced by making your website more interactive and engaging. Introducing live chat and messaging feature on your ecommerce portal is not just a way to achieve that but it also gives you an opportunity to resolve your customer’s pre-purchase concerns then and there itself. This also plays a role in increasing the conversion rate of your website.

Customer Reviews

For the ecommerce portals, the authenticity of a product is invariably judged by the number of reviews it has garnered and their quality. Selling rate of any product is high when its reviews are good as compared to the ones that have less reviews as reviews and testimonials, add to the trust factor of your online offerings.

Strong CTA

A strong Call to Action is not only one that is clear and easy to pursue but it is also the one that takes care of the details such as being specific to the industry and not a generic and dull one. A strong CTA can definitely go a long way in motivating the customers to take a specific action while perusing your website.


Telling the story of your brand can go a long way in helping it stand out in a crowd of so many engaging brands. To ensure the success of your ecommerce brand, it is necessary that your audience is able to associate with it closely. Telling the story of your brand and underscoring what makes it special helps you build that bond with your target audience.

So, if you’re planning to build your ecommerce website, you should never forget that apart from the technical nitty-gritties, the business aspect of its features also need their due attention. Need more detailed inputs on what all features can contribute to your websites ecommerce success? Contact us to schedule a free consultation session with our Digital Marketing Expert for ecommerce development services.

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