Why Social Media Marketing is the New Big Thing

June 16, 2016

Most entrepreneurs consider social media marketing as the new big thing in online business marketing. It may be temporary but its influential trend gains great advantage as it continues to make its name. On the other hand, it is complicated and has no practical advantage for some. But digging deeper, social media marketing already established itself a reputation as an internet marketing strategy that surpasses marketing interest. It is important to business especially today that almost all people is active on the social networking sites and are venturing into small online businesses.

Internet marketing can clearly demonstrate kits potential of increasing sales. Some people just lack enough understanding of how it works and how it can achieve specific business goals and objectives in the long run. Social media marketing will boom and effectively do its purpose if utilized appropriately. We should also take into account not abusing the power of social media by flooding endless internet marketing campaigns. Balance is needed for a smooth flow of products and interaction of customers. People tend to build trust and be convinced of brand credibility when they see proofs in social media.


The following are ideas of how social media marketing impacts business:

1. Brand recognition will increase

Social media is very influential in the sense that it can spread information in just a few seconds. It gives every business the opportunity to be visible to the public. Through social media, there will be an increased brand recognition to all products that are posted and advertised. In this way, products have accessibility and customers can easily purchase them. The products or services will be more familiar to existing and potential customers.

2. Brand loyalty will increase

Brands that uses social media as their channel to the world are most likely to have customer loyalty because they are more connected to their leads, potential leads and customers. Social media has this open strategy of morphing customers to be brand loyal because one they follow the brand, it will already be their custom to patronize the brand because it’s what they have used and proven with good quality.

3. Opportunities of conversion

Social media marketing uses social media as a platform to convert potential leads into customers through posts and following options. When leads saw your post and got interested to follow you, they will immediately have the access to your products and services and will be able to see your new updates. By then, they will also see your old and recent customers’ feedbacks which can encourage them to try your products. They will have interaction. Not all interaction leads to conversion but it increases the possibility.

4. Higher conversion ratios

Internet marketing can result to high conversion ratios in distinct ways. It has this humanization element—brands become even more humanized by interactions done by customers in social media. Brands act like people in social media and they do the business with customers virtually. They are more likely to try the brand of the effective ads that convince them.