SEO: A Significant Online Marketing Strategy

June 16, 2016

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services ensure that search engines have access on websites and is responsible for the improvement of websites to have a high rank in search engine results. SEO services offer complex options and packages for search engine optimization, which range from one-time charges on small sites and monthly payments for SEO support and efforts that are ongoing. This service utilizes search engine optimization practice of increasing the visitors of a website through gaining high-rank placements on search engine results page (SERP). The landscape of digital marketing has improved enormously over the years but SEO remained a widely adapted and significant online marketing strategy because of its productivity.

Benefits of SEO

1. Increased Traffic

Search engine results have top positions. These top positions get majority of the clicks. The traffic in your website will probably increase if you rank on these high positions. SEO is also focused on the creation of instructive and keyword related Meta descriptions and title tags, which are shown in the results pages. Optimized descriptions and tags increase click through ratios that will promote competent web traffic increase.

2. ROI (Return on Investment)

SEO is providing quantifiable and tangible results. It doesn’t matter if it is a non-ecommerce or ecommerce website; there will be no doubts on the ROI results. SEO companies are tracking every detail of the strategy such as increased traffic, conversions, and rankings. Inclusive analytics has the ability to track down even granular levels of information to see demographic data and other arrangement metrics for internet users who networked with the site. SEO companies see paths that users take for sale completion even which keywords were used to search for purchasing in ecommerce websites. Lead conversions can be attributed with values like ‘contact us’ in calculating your SEO value in non-ecommerce websites.

3. Cost effective

SEO belongs to the list of best cost-effective strategies in marketing because its user targets are active in looking for products or services online. SEO is inbound in nature. It aids businesses have savings opposing outbound strategies such as cold-calling which generates 61% of cost more than generating leads. SEO is also targeting active users who search for products or services of the same category resulting into a more qualified traffic and acquire cost-savings unlike other strategies.

4. Increased usability of website

SEO makes a website’s navigation easier for search engines at the same time it makes the user navigate the website easier too. It is composed of rearranged links and architecture that make pages in the website be easily found. Through this, search engines will always link your website in finding pages.

5. Brand Awareness

High SEO ranking results gain relevant impressions. Top position means more exposure for your website. This will also cause target keywords to be associated with your brand keywords, which encourages trust because companies included on the first page of results, are perceived as trustworthy companies. Better if you have more high positioned rank pages and contents in search engines because more users will be associated to your content and brand.