Project Description

40K Plus (Plus Education) is the group operating name of registered Australian charity, 40K Foundation Australia Ltd, and its subsidiary organisations, 40K Plus Education in India and Cambodia. The client required an education solution where education content can be imparted to schools on a technology platform in areas that have limited access to technology, such as villages in Cambodia and remote parts of Africa and India. 

They needed to perform education content management harnessing the capabilities of IoT – in locations where, while a dedicated team could access technology and the internet, the final audience would be the students in rural areas where they would have limited or no access to technology and internet.


A “Master Android Application” which would be used by a cluster of organizations. Master App syncs only the content needed for that Cluster’s Curriculum and the Local Language. After the master app has collected information from the school’s pod, it also integrates all the transaction data back to the cloud.

Raspberry Pi Application which would be used by the pod of a school. The Raspberry Pi would be acting as the server in the school’s intranet networks.

The Master App would sync with the Raspberry Pi to push all educational content updates and pull all local school and student information.

Student Android Application which would be used by students for learning lessons and evaluating themselves through quizzes. When the students would log in for the first time, they would be able to view and learn lesson 1 of level 1 of program 1 which is unlocked by default and subsequently can complete many levels of the learning programs


Solution Offered

Carmatec developers reviewed the code and provided the needed optimizations to fix the sync issues. The optimized code will now allow the team to perform the day-to-day activities smoothly.
40K would approve the code changes & allow the Carmatec team to deploy the code in Cloud & Raspberry Pi systems. New Android APKs have been built for Master and Learners applications for fresh distribution.
Carmatec also proposes to deploy the staging application on AWS Cloud. The infrastructure would be set up on the cloud once the new code base is made ready for deployment with approval.