Carmatec Day Celebrations to mark another successful year

August 19, 2016

Carmatec Day 2016

“Individually we are one drop and together we are an ocean!Together everyone achieves more!”- Aromal Rajagopal

The date of 22nd Feb holds a special significance for every Carmatecian as it marks the anniversary of the day when, way back in 2003, the idea of Carmatec took shape and assumed its form. Commemorating this day, this year’s Carmatec Day festivities were held on 23rd of July to celebrate the 13 prolific years of the company. Carmatec’s journey of 13 years is a saga of a small 3 membered firm expanding into a 100+ employees company. And Carmatec Day is the perfect time to reflect upon all the milestones we have achieved in this time – whether it is making the move from services to strategic business solutions, expanding our Ops to US & Qatar or achieving ISO certification. The much-awaited evening commenced with the Message from the company CEO, Mr. Aromal Rajagopal.

Aromal-Rajagopal.jpgThe CEO in his message mentioned, “The Carmatec spirit of taking up challenges and reinventing itself continuously has continued through the last year too and our transformation has delivered positive value for the customers, employees and all stakeholders. The focus on adopting cutting-edge technology, specifically business intelligence has added value to our customers with unprecedented levels that makes us proud to call ourselves a learning organization.”

“As we are gearing towards chasing bigger dreams, the company is in the market in the lookout for venture funding and we have had only positive responses so far. The process is still on and we hope to complete the activity in this year or early next year. With this, Carmatec will target major growth in its turnover in the 5-year business plan with enhanced employee strength by the 5th year. We will keep you posted on the progress.”

In such a scenario, the team was advised by him that “Each one of you should get clarity on customer needs and objectives of the project and how your contribution gets added to the final product. Just enough is not enough and what we need to see is a big push towards learning & excellence”. At the same time, he cheered the team’s combined efforts for being the reason behind all the progress and encouraging a similar enthusiasm as the company would move ahead to achieve bigger. indu-mam After the CEO’s message, the company COO, Ms. Indu Aromal addressed the Carmatecians with a touch of pride and gratitude in her voice for the incredible performance of the team the entire year. Recalling the challenges of the initial years of Carmatec, she recounted the milestones the company has achieved, especially in the last two years. Calling this point as “the most rewarding point of every hard-work and the vision we had, to see you all here”, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the team, saying “Thank you all for helping us be HERE today!”.

sportsThe month-long celebrations had started with the Game events and continued till Carmatec Day. The Game events comprised of Carom and Cricket tournaments. Carma Tigers, Carma Leopards, Carma Lions and Carma Tuskers were the four teams that participated. The games rekindled the spirit of sportsmanship in the team members and these events brought out their inner child. While in cricket, the Team Leopard came out with flying colors, in Carom the results were divided. Lions recorded a roaring win in boys and mixed matches whereas the Tuskers registered a victory in Girls matches. All were awarded at the Carmatec Day – Awards Ceremony.

awardsThe Annual Awards Ceremony was held right after the messages from the company CEO and the company COO. All the extra-ordinary performers of each team were recognized and felicitated for their spirit of walking an extra mile for achieving big. The members were recognized for accomplishing significantly difficult projects making extraordinary efforts in client management, overall performance in team play and cross-functional activities, effective coordination among all the teams and effective mentorship etc. For dedicatedly serving to the organization for several years in a row, the veteran members such as Omshivprakash H L, Shibani Deb, Mobin Vargese and Deepa Tarak Balaji were felicitated.

cultural-activityIf each culture were to represent a distinct color, this year’s Carmatec Day- Eve was like a rainbow filled with the hues of their performances. To bring out the team’s cultural connect and invoke a feeling of unity in diversity, culture was the theme of the event. Every team represented a culture and performed equally. Various entertaining games, skits, dancing, singing and musical instruments playing acts were performed by the multi-talented and culturally diverse team at Carmatec. Everyone had a great time watching the performances over a sumptuous dinner. The superfluous zeal of the team culminated in a successful event filled with fun and frolic.

funHeld at Ivy Rossa Resort, the event turned out to be a fun-filled evening well-spent in the resort premises for the entire team. The team rejoiced in the grandeur of the resort with its magnificent convention facilities and scenic outdoors. Carmatec day doesn’t only offer the team, a great opportunity to enjoy together but it is actually, a moment for the whole Carmatec family to pause a little and look back in time to ponder over last year’s key achievements and recharge itself to set pace for bigger goals awaiting ahead. It is more of a reminder to cherish all the hard-work and perseverance that has gone into building the foundation of Carmatec with trust and integrity as its key elements.

As aptly quoted by Anatole France, “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also achieve.”