Carmatec Celebrates Yet Another Successful Launch With QIC Insurance Portal

February 11, 2016

Qatar, 30th Jan 2016, – Carmatec, an industry pioneer and global leader in providing IT solutions, announced the release of a new website for its client, the mega conglomerate of Insurance Industry, Qatar Insurance Group (QIC).

Qatar Insurance Group (QIC) has rebranded and launched its new online platform for personal Insurance products under the name ‘QIC Insured’ which is available on . The ‘U’ smiley in the ‘QIC Insured’ bears the colours of the QIC Group and underlines the focus on customer service and friendliness.

The revamped website would provide a “true one-stop solution” for personal insurance products. It would provide easy access to customers where they would be able to buy a product by following only a few steps” – said, Salem al-Mannai, Deputy Group President and CEO, QIC-Mena.

“The revamped website is a culmination of copious research, planning, design, and development. We are glad that the site went live without any bugs, issues, or problems. Our team has worked really hard to put the website together to make it more user friendly and rich in information. I couldn’t be prouder” quoted, Aromal Rajagopal, C.E.O of Carmatec.

Indu Aromal, the COO of Carmatec said, “In order to create something truly exceptional, we incorporated the best practices and solutions. Tailored for the best user experience, the site aims to set the bar high in the Insurance industry and even beyond and stands for what can be truly achieved when it is empowered by innovation.”

Besides focusing even more on ease of use, convenience and offering the right products at the right price, the new online platform introduces a very modern brand under the name QIC Insured.

“Now with this one-stop solution, our customers are able to buy any personal insurance product; be it for car, home or travel, very conveniently from a place and time of their choice,” said Frederik Bisbjerg, QIC Executive Vice President, (Mena Retail).

Carmatec is also working on an exclusive mobile app for QIC to enable their customers to have access to valuable information related to Insurance products and tools. The application will allow the customers to manage their insurance policies, get quick quotes, renew policies, find new product offers, Guides & Advices, FAQs, News feeds etc.

Carmatec has a long standing history of supporting the leading businesses and helping them in assessing and utilizing the digitization trends by working alongside them on the key processes and enabling them to achieve and sustain much needed edge in the digital world.

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