Carmatec Celebrates 13 Years Of Excellence

February 25, 2016

Dear All,

Precisely thirteen years ago, on a crisp February evening, I signed some papers that made my childhood dream official: I had founded a company. When people ask me to describe my journey of entrepreneurship, I often struggle to come up with words! So much memories, so many activities.

Thirteen years ago, I had an epiphany that the only way I could enjoy my life was – by getting into Business! I’ve always had a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit and founding Carmatec was an extension of my passion for entrepreneurship.

As I reflect on the past, there is a lot to be proud of. Thirteen years ago, many people predicted that we couldn’t stand toe-to-toe with the big fishes of the pond and would fold within a year. Fortunately, we proved the skeptics wrong. Our journey turned out to be remarkable and much more rewarding than what we could envision at that time.

What began as a small firm with just 3 members has risen up to stand tall amongst the big conglomerates with more than 100 employees and an aspiration to grow to a workforce strength of over 3000 employees within five years. We have achieved a lot from – moving from services to solutions, expansion of Global ops in US and Qatar, to ISO certification.

Every achievement of Carmatec has been crafted through utmost precision and unshaken commitment. With a continual focus on innovation and creating leading-edge, rock-solid, high-end products, we aim to grow and maintain a repute established on honesty, technical expertise and high standards of workmanship.

Thirteen years is both a long and a very short time. We have still a long way to go but on the other hand, thirteen years in a sector which is constantly evolving is an achievement we can truly be proud of. We have claimed our rightful place and we are here to stay!

If we have learned one thing from the 13 years of delivering quality services across the globe, it is that, in the long run the importance of our employees and clients is paramount to the success we have achieved, whether it is, by delivering “delight” or through delivering “values”.

Today, Carmatec is a service provider with the capability to add measurements, and analytics at all touch points of customer interactions with its expertise in all computing devices and internet channels.

Our philosophy to put our clients first, in everything we do, remains steadfast since the beginning. For us our clients are not just numbers or transactions! Our clients are our assets and that’s why we have a stringent commitment to deliver outstanding quality of services to all our customers. With our commitment to our clients and a deep desire to make a difference in their lives and their businesses, we have been able to gain hold of an impressive list of clients over the years.

We don’t stand still at Carmatec. We are a growth company and our mission is to keep expanding by moving our products and services into key international market and new verticals. We keep on investing in building our organizational capabilities so that we could delight our customers with breakthrough products and services.


Aromal Rajagopal

CEO | President – Carmatec [US | Qatar | India]
Bangalore, India – 560 103
(India): +91 98861 20048
(US): +1(254) 207-0727