Bootstrap 4 –Cool & Smart New Features To Get Excited About

February 12, 2018

Bootstrap 4 is undoubtedly the best front-end framework for faster and easier development with high-quality HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The high responsiveness of the web apps (built on Bootstrap), customisable nature of the features, consistency of the internal toolkits, faster development time and a huge support community is what makes the framework standout from the rest. Bootstrap is easy to use and gives you to tools to build powerful, responsive, mobile-first web applications with minimal effort!

And the good news is that the final, stable version of Bootstrap 4 is here! Here’s what new & cool in Bootstrap V4.0.0-beta.3:

Built Entirely From SaaS

With the official source code being developed entirely using SaaS, Bootstrap 4 marks the new generation of front-end development that allows easier and faster website designing with more possibilities.

New Responsive Grid System For Smaller Devices

Until Bootstrap 3, the front-end developers could only target web designs with respect to 4 viewports: mobile phones, tablets, desktops and larger desktops. Bootstrap 4 facilitates developers with the ability to enhance the grid system for smaller devices too–viewports under 480px width. The new grid class has adopted the name of the previous smallest class, col-xs, and the viewport size range assigned to the existing grid classes (col-sm, col-md, col-lg and col-xl) has been moved up a notch.

Introducing Improved Rest Features With Reboot.css

Reboot.css is an improved version of normalize.css of Bootstrap 3. By default, Reboot.css uses box-size: border-box; on all HTML elements and supports congruous cross-browser development by providing browser ‘reset’ styles. The new reset feature allows you to maintain a simple base-style, improves CSS writing for modern web applications and makes responsive layouts more manageable.

Streamlined Variable Customisation

Bootstrap 4 streamlines the variable customisation process by making all the Sass variables available in a single file called _variables.scss. In order to edit the values, the developer will only have to copy the default settings from _variables.scss to _custom.scss.

Opt-in Flexbox

Front-end developers can now build a more fluid and responsive layout for different viewports leveraging the CSS3’s Flexbox Layout.

Benefits From Tether Library

In Bootstrap 4, Tether, the JavaScript library, handles the auto placement of tooltips and popovers, reduces the overall scrolling issues, sets style to pop-up elements and adds CSS class to view elements.

Refactored JavaScript Plugins

In the latest version of Bootstrap, every JavaSript plugin has been rewritten using ECMAScript 6. The refactored plugins utilise the latest specifications and enhancements and allow developers to build better front-end experiences.


Bootstrap V4.0.0-beta.3 has stabilised a few key pieces of CSS, polished the documentation and surprised us with a bounty of rich features for building highly responsive and mobile-friendly apps. There are still some kinks that need to be ironed out but this is undoubtedly the best update of the front-end framework.

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