How to Hire a PHP Development Company?

March 27, 2018

To outsource or not to outsource! This question has been baffling companies from as long as outsourcing came into picture. With agility being the norm, companies are hard bound to gain a competitive advantage by cutting costs, optimizing efficiency and by providing great customer service while ensuring amazing products and services.

Outsourcing technology is a huge leap of faith but its benefits cannot be undermined. The decision to outsource is a tricky business, if your project lands in the wrong hands; it could endanger your plans for business growth and leave you worse off than before. Especially when it comes to software development that too for an established platform like PHP, businesses are hesitant to opt for outsourcing. There are lots and lots of codes and the result and only be discerned after the project is complete and then re-development may not be possible because of deadlines. Organizations are also hesitant to go for outsourcing for software development as as outsourcing being a cheaper option may have dubious quality. Sometimes the companies prefer to rely on in-house developers even though the in-house team may not have the expertise or the requirement to focus on that particular project.

The right service provider will help you see savings, improved product value, and faster speed to market, thus providing your business a competitive edge. So, how do you choose the right PHP service provider? It is indeed a million-dollar question! If you are among those who are nervous at the prospect of outsourcing, you are not alone. Read on to know how you can choose a good PHP development company.

  • Before you embark on your journey to hire a PHP development company, decide on whether your project requires you to look for an individual or hiring a firm. If in doubt, always go with service providers as they would have a reputation to keep and wouldn’t leave you in lurch.
  • Check for the years of experience and the work done by the service provider. Chances are an established company with significant experience would be able to provide you with the desired outcomes within preferred timeframe.
  • Look for samples. Check out the work they have done and if they have done something similar to your project.
  • Ask for reference and check the communication factor.
  • Look for the quality of codes. Behind the elegant front end should be an elegant clearly coded back-end. If the codes are sloppy and haphazard, opting for the said development firm may not be a good idea.
  • Check out if the service provider follows standard coding process and utilizes frameworks. Also, check if they are ISO certified or not.

Many organizations have burnt their fingers trying to outsource IT, in the hands of inept firms. But that doesn’t undermine the range of benefits that outsourcing brings. The key is finding the right and passionate offshore team to help you out with your projects. With ingenious solutions, progressive business values, and proven track record of 19 years, Carmatec is best suited to help you with all your development needs. We take pride in our customer-centric solutions and innovative approach which has transformed into a suite of happy clients. Providing end-to-end PHP consulting to organizations around the globe, we support our clients with tools and techniques to solve critical business problems. Our mission is to revolutionize the process involved in solving the strAategic or routine IT problems that affect business growth.

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