Top Tips To Hire a Good Magento Developer

March 6, 2017

Magento is an open-source feature enriched e-commerce application. Among the many things that an e-commerce application based on Magento offers, some notable ones are versatility, product categorization, static and dynamic data updating blocks etc. Since, it offers a vast scope of customization for your application, finding a suitable Magento developer to ensure you make the most out of your Magento app, is a big challenge. This article describes all the criteria you should consider before selecting the Magento developer for your new or existing Magento Application Development project.

Clarity of Requirement

It is not necessary that you should know everything about Magento but you should be very clear about your requirement and create a plan beforehand which picturizes your needs. Based on this plan, you can understand the ease with which your developer can understand and analyze your need to translate it into a viable Magneto solution.

Experience Level

It is a very important question to ask before hiring your developer as to what their experience level is, what level of technical expertise they hold and in what way the Magento projects have been executed and managed previously. Also, since Magento is a 100% customizable application, it is important for you to gather information on the features developed for the previous clients and how these features added value to the clients’ business in terms of sales figures.

Project Portfolio & Client Testimonials

Magento Developers who can produce their Portfolio and client testimonials prove their experience and past track record of building customer satisfaction. So, an expert developer will be ready to share or show the websites completed by them. By looking at the projects executed by them, you could get an idea about the type of projects they have delivered in the past. This will help you identify whether they are suitable for your website requirement. This also helps them analyze your expectations related to your project, which makes it a win-win situation for both the parties. The client testimonials give you an idea about how much the clients are happy with the projects delivered by the developer.

Experience with Mobile Friendly Websites

As most the customers’ purchases of the products happen on their mobile devices/tablets rather than computers, the websites which can be accessed via portable devices are high in demand. So, it is critical to know how efficient your chosen Magento developer is with customizing your App for compatibility across all devices and platforms. Having a website responsive and accessible for all devices means a rapid increase in the customers’ count and hence, the sales.


One Magento project will be certainly different from another one and each one is unique for that matter. In such a case, while hiring your Magento developer, you need to have a clear idea of how the pricing of Magento application development works. Considering the requirements and the ways in which your Magento project may evolve as it progresses, make sure that you take care of the price quoted and the further additions as per the future changes in your project’s scope. An expert developer will make it all clear to you in the projects’ initial stage itself.

Post-Project Support

After-project support may be the most ignored aspect of project development process while considering a developer, however, it is one of the key aspects you should take care of. Whether your project is small or large or new or existing, your chosen Magento developer should offer to take care of any troubles that may arise once the project has been rolled out. The technologies change rapidly and therefore; your application should be always up-to-date to make maximum impact for keeping your business competitive in the market and your end users happy with your digital presence.

Finding an expert Magento developer is the biggest and the most difficult step towards successful development of an online store. All the above six criteria should be well taken care of, to hire a good Magento developer.