Benefits of application development for startups

March 14, 2017

Gone are the times when mobile application development was supposed to be meant for only the big brands and well-known names of any industry. Astonishingly, recent statistics reveal that about 30% of all the commerce in US is happening through mobile. This is proof enough that a mobile app needs to be a part of the digital strategy of every business that seeks online success. From well before Google’s rolling out its mobile -first index, enterprises of all sizes have begun to consider a mobile strategy that transcends beyond just a ‘mobile friendly website’. And Google’s mobile first index has only put a strong emphasis on this approach. No wonder why, even the smallest of the businesses these days have their own dedicated mobile apps. This serves to take their marketing strategy a few notches higher than their competition. In this post, we’d like to talk about the benefits your startup can derive from mobile app development.

1.Increased Visibility:The brands that build their own mobile app, instantly ensure that they are visible to their end users always, creating a strong brand recall for their business. This lets them literally ‘be there’ right when their customers need them.

2.Great Promotional Tool: A mobile app serves as an amazing promotional tool as it keeps your audience informed about your new offerings and latest offerings in real-time. So, once the app becomes popular among your audience, promotional activities become almost effortless.

3.Effective Revenue Channel: Apart from serving as a direct marketing channel, it serves as an increasingly important revenue stream for your business. Owing to the kind of convenience it imparts to the online shopper of your offering, this helps you with effectively shortening the sales cycle of your offering.

4.Drive Customer Engagement: Through its exquisite features and multiple innovative marketing strategies, a mobile application can go a long way in engaging and involving your customer-base with your brand. From the introductory offers to the loyalty programs, these strategies can be as creative as it can get.

5.Sync all Accounts of the User: With the help of an app your business gets a great opportunity to sync users’ email and social media accounts, which helps them better profile a user and engage with them more holistically, across the platforms of communication. This helps further enhance the brand recall for startups with relatively less effort.

6.Offer Location based Content: With over 90% of users in US using location services on their mobile devices, the location based interactions are becoming one of the biggest advantages of any brand’s mobile application and your startup can as well cash in on this awesome opportunity.

7.Engage the youth: Mobile applications have been more popular with the youth and therefore, your brand’s mobile application can prove to be a great way to connect with the younger demographics with relatively more ease.

These are some of the reasons why your brand should totally consider a mobile application, regardless of your business type and size. In today’s digital world, mobile application development is the kind of an investment that promises to reap high ROI for your startup in medium to long term and is therefore worth making.

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