Top 5 ecommerce store optimization tips to win customers

March 25, 2018

We live in a digital world where online shopping is all rage and ecommerce stores are therefore, set for unprecedented growth. From the perspective of a veteran ecommerce development company, we can say that, in today’s competitive market, ‘set and forget’ can just not be the way to get conversions and earn profits out of your online store. We all know that all it takes for your online shopper to get converted into your buyer is the decision that follows a quick glance at your home page. This definitely makes the optimization of your ecommerce store imperative to retaining traffic and increasing conversion rate. Now, the million-dollar question is – how can an ecommerce store be so optimized as to help the visitors make their buying decisions in the first couple of visits they make to the store?
Since this is one of the biggest concerns for any ecommerce marketer in this day and age, we have come up with 5 really expedient ecommerce store optimization tips that will go a long way in helping you up your store conversion rate.

1) Structuring the website

Optimization of the website structure is critical to its success in retaining the traffic it draws. So, even before you plan your efforts towards online marketing of your website to attract more traffic, you should ensure that your website structure is so optimized as to be able to retain this traffic. So, when you structure your website such that it is highly usable for the visitors and they have quick access to the key features of your website, they are more likely to stay and get interested in your website. This is how you can reap maximum benefits out of your online marketing efforts too.

2) Design & UI/UX

Before you consider anything advance for increasing the website, don’t miss out on getting the basics right first. For example, a simple, neat and intuitive website design for your ecommerce website goes a long way in engaging the visitors. This can be achieved easily with the help of a specialist ecommerce development company. A simple design won’t only help your content outshine but it will also help you immediately convey to the visitors, what your business is all about. A neat design with larger and HD images help them with more details so as to trust your offerings.

3) Testing & reiterating

With the process of website optimization, also comes the need for process optimization. So, it’s a great idea to put your feet in the shoes of your customers and find honest answers to the performance of your ecommerce store in terms of making them stay and get interested in your offerings. So, while testing, you need to have all the critical questions answered, such as – whether or not they are able to guess your offerings in the initial few seconds, whether or not they are able to trust your website with their credit/debit cards and so on. If your ecommerce store does not meet these criteria, it might need to go through reiteration and more testing to fix these top concerns.

4) Adding trust badges

When it comes to making online buying decisions, the customers are almost always concerned about the website’s credibility. Statistically speaking, at least 3 out of 4 customers would totally require your website to be credible enough before buying anything from it. Addition of the popular trust badges is one of the surefire ways of taking your sites credibility a notch higher and this can help your store win more customers.

5) Clarity on pricing & shipping

By making the critical information obvious on your website, for example the details related to the return policy, shipping and pricing, you can improve on the trust factor of your website. This is because if anything goes amiss on any of these critical points of your website, you are highly likely to lose that customer forever. So, the presentation of such critical information along with the handling of issues related to these need to be planned right at the time of designing your ecommerce store.

So, with these simple tips and tricks, you can the conversion rate of your ecommerce store to the next level. Any ecommerce development company with profound domain expertise such as Carmatec can help you build an ecommerce store from the scratch that is optimized in accordance to these or they can simply assist you with optimizing your current ecommerce store.