Why should I consider using WooCommerce instead of Magento ?

March 17, 2017

WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress that is intelligently designed to cater to the e-commerce needs of the small to large-sized online merchants who intend to use WordPress for their platform. Magento, on the other hand, is an e-commerce platform built on open source technology that is useful for online business and has a flexible modular architecture. It is scalable and it has many control alternatives to help the client. Magento uses e-commerce platform which offers companies ultimate E-commerce solutions and extensive support network. While Magento is an e-commerce platform that is built as an open source e-commerce solution by eBbay, WooCommerce is a robust eCommerce toolkit designed to transform your WordPress website into an exquisite online store.

In this article, we have listed a few situations wherein it makes sense to give WooCommerce a try, in place of Magento.

  • When we are on a small or inadequate budget
    In such a case Woocommerce can easily be a better option to consider as compared to Magento, since Magento applications are more robust and complex, the development based on Magento is harder and takes longer and eventually, turns out to be more cost-intensive as well, which should be therefore considered based on the specific project requirement
  • When we need to include e-commerce functionality in existing WordPress site
    In case we have an already existing WordPress based website and we need to include e-commerce functionality, WooCommerce can be much better suited for this need, as compared to Magento. This is because WooCommerce has a scope of non-eCommerce features which Magento lacks. As a framework that sits on top of WordPress, it’s much easier to tap into all of WordPress features and build an alluring website around an existing eCommerce store.
  • When we have very less time left
    When we are in a nick of time for developing the platform. Typically a Magento application takes twice or thrice as much the time as compared to the WooCommerce based application.
  • When our site comprises chiefly of the CMS
    When our site comprises mainly of CMS( content management system ) content with a small number of products. Also, the CMS in Word Press is not just impeccable but it is rather greatly improved over that of Magento. WordPress was originally developed for displaying portfolios, making corporate websites, providing content and news sites. We can still find its basic features in Magento, like starting a blog page, however, content management is somewhat more tricky and therefore, a WooCommerce plugin would be the preferred way to go about it.
  • When we need to start small and medium level company
    WooCommerce is a best option for small and medium level company and it’s, in deed, an incredible solution if we already run a WordPress site and are familiar with its interface. Also, it does a fantastic job of selling our products, with a number of plugins and extensions available to provide a superior client encounter as our business grows and develops. Magento is more popular with large eCommerce retailers and it comes with a greater range of basic features however, it has fewer extensions.
  • When there is no need for deep customization
    Last but not the least, when there is no need for in-depth customization, you can very well consider WooCommerce plugin to your WordPress site over a full-fledged Magento Application Development. WooCommerce, in itself, has a fantastic set of features, however, Magento is specialized so as to manage huge amounts of customization that results in a highly specialized and sophisticated application.

So, what’s your pick based on your need? Still not sure? Contact us for further enlightenment on what way to go with your new app development.