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Ecommerce Portal for Branded Products

Ecommerce Portal for Branded Products

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Business Requirement

The client required us to build pragmatic solution for their need for an ecommerce platform that would enable them to effectively showcase their products of highly renowned brands. Their project required us to conduct a complete revamp of their website design to impart it freshness and a pleasant appeal. When the project initially came to Carmatec, the requirement comprised of designing for their three most significant pages which also needed to be integrated to their existing website. They also wanted us to build a more interactive and engaging user experience for their mobile app users by adding value to their mobile website. Given that their business mainly comes from mobile usage, this was a success-critical step for their business.

Business Objectives 2

Following are a few business statistics and process features that required Improvement:

Merchant Management

  • There were no merchant follow-ups for product updates
  • There was no contract management system in place–all past contracts had expired
  • No regular updates of products were being made on the websites
  • There was no helpdesk

Order Tracking

  • They were no order tracking system in place
  • They had poor shipping statuses and many orders were incomplete


  • Dashboards for overall management were unavailable
  • Systems with technical errors were not addressed with the vendor

Inventory management

  • Product uploads & inventory lacked standardisation
  • Payment commissions were not being processed properly

To briefly summarise the high-level goals of the project, The Client wanted to:

  1. Expand their network of registered merchants.
  2. Increase the number of registered & active users.
  3. Enhance the website UX & UI.
  4. Hike up the online conversion rate

The New Web App, iOS & Android Mobile App And A Delivery App

After thoroughly assessing the requirements, we upgraded the web application with three different systems for specific functions: the Admin Panel, the Merchant Panel and the E-Commerce Store. In addition to this, we built Android and iOS mobile apps for the online store.

We also create a Delivery app to streamline the order shipping & delivery process.

Solution Offered

  • Carmatec revamped their entire web design and came up with fresh design to effectively present all their products in a systematic category-wise and visually appealing manner. The navigation was made easy and highly user-friendly in order to make the product purchase as uncomplicated as possible.
  • Our team worked on a superior quality fresh layout with a highly interactive design for the three of their most navigated pages Fresh User Interface
  • Our team also took the responsibility to integrate all the new layout in their existing code where the major challenge encountered was to accommodate it in a different version of Ruby on Rails on their existing website.

Technology Used

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Spree
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery 
  • CSS3

Client details are protected under strict NDA and, therefore we do not disclose such information. However, we can provide references once you make an enquiry.

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