Machine Learning in Education: Business Benefits & Use Cases

February 17, 2023

It may seem that machine learning in education is just another buzzword aimed at getting entrepreneurs to spend money on innovation. Contrary to popular belief, the reality is quite different. Companies that have already implemented ML have realized several significant business benefits. Additionally, this applies to both established brands with large budgets and promising startups with limited resources. No matter what type of business you run, this innovative technology is suitable for you.

It provides an overview of the use of machine learning in modern education to help you decide whether or not to incorporate it into your business.


Education benefits from machine learning.

Higher education institutions, universities, and corporate institutions are increasingly implementing Artificial Intelligence in their courses. The use of machine learning can benefit both students and teachers by enhancing the efficiency and enjoyment of the learning process. Machine learning can be beneficial to this sector.

Personalized learning advances

The traditional approach to education has been one-size-fits-all. All students are taught using the same method. The process of education can be tailored to the individual needs of students by using machine learning.

This approach enhances engaging students and retaining them. Standardized curriculums do not appeal to learners as much as refined curriculums and tailored content. Engaging them can also be accomplished by using chatbots and gamification. Although some courses offer personalized experiences, some students may still take them.

Automating routine tasks

It Tracking attendance, organizing curriculum, providing instructions, and onboarding students are essential. Despite their time-consuming and repetitive nature, they consume a significant amount of energy. The use of machine learning can alleviate that burden, allowing teachers to concentrate on more creative and satisfying tasks. The result is that they are able to teach their students more efficiently.

Grades that are more accurate and faster

Teachers need to access students’ work objectively and quickly to facilitate evaluations and grading. Students, teachers, and administrators need to remove human biases from this process. With machine learning in edtech, intelligent assessments are boosted and test scoring may be automated, resulting in a reduction of bias. With state-of-the-art grading tools that evaluate presentations, essays, and papers, teachers can spend more time teaching.

Style, language fluency, and structure are evaluated in algorithms, plagiarism is detected, and narrative depth is analyzed. In addition, they can do it within seconds. Grading will remain in the hands of teachers, but machine learning will improve efficiency and impartiality.

How can machine learning be used in education?

This sector has already benefited from AI and machine learning. Let’s examine different machine learning use cases in education and what tools can be used to build smart edtech.

Analyzing text automatically

As ML is a valuable tool for analyzing written assignments based on what we’ve already discussed.

To accomplish this, the University of Michigan created a tool called M-Write. Analyzing students’ papers provides insight into how well each student comprehends the course material by identifying specific words and topics. Professors may assist some students, move students who demonstrate proficiency through the program or amend the program altogether based on the results.

Outcome prediction for students

It is no longer enough for teachers to rely solely on their gut instinct when determining which students will graduate. To identify students at high risk of dropping out, predictive analytics systems can be used. With 80% accuracy, Taiwanese researchers predicted dropouts using machine learning algorithms. This information may enable universities to intervene early and provide support, assistance, and guidance to at-risk students.

Learning gaps must be closed.

Using algorithms, it is also possible to identify and fix missing skills. ML solution for schools can offer personalized curriculums tailored to each student’s needs. A diagnostic tool can identifies learning gaps and suggests areas where students should focus their attention. With games, contests, and certificates, learners should be motivated to keep going.

Deciding where to study

These resources can be helpful to prospective students as well. It is becoming more common for educational institutions to market their services. Choosing the right college is simplified with AI & ML. To determine which options are most suitable for them, students input relevant information into the algorithm. User can use this tool to determine whether a particular educational institution is right for them.

Use cases for machine learning.

Now that we have a basic understanding of machine learning let’s discuss its benefits for businesses and organizations.

Analyzing user behavior

Using machine learning to analyze user behavior is a common practice in the retail industry.

Take a moment to imagine yourself shopping at a retail store. The information businesses collect about customers is vast, whether it is online or in person. By predicting consumer buying habits, market trends, popular products, etc., businesses can make informed decisions. 

Automated processes improved

Most business sectors have been affected by the automation of repetitive and mundane tasks, saving both time and resources. Machine learning will be combined with automation techniques to improve automation processes continually.

It is possible to improve manufacturing processes at an industrial level using machine learning. To accomplish this goal, it is necessary to evaluate the current manufacturing models and understand their shortcomings. This will allow businesses to resolve any issues that may arise quickly.

Beyond industrial applications, automation benefits agriculture, scientific research, and other sectors. As an example of how ML can be used in agriculture, automated farming activities and research data can be predicted and deciphered using ML.

Enhancements to security

Due to the flood of web-based technologies, the world has become increasingly dependent on web services. By offloading some monitoring and vulnerability assessment tasks to an automated algorithm, existing security teams can be supplemented.

For example, consider a simple spam filter. Organizations can reduce spam or risky emails in employee inboxes by incorporating ML in the spam filter. Because machine learning is a learning process, the more emails that the algorithm considers, the better the filtering will be.

Another example is the threat assessment process that most online applications go through on a daily basis. By analyzing past attack data and highlighting vulnerabilities within applications, machine learning can predict future attack vectors. 

Management of finances

Among the applications of machine learning algorithms in financial analytics are:

  • Performing cost analyses and predicting business expenses are simple tasks
  • Fraud detection and algorithmic trading are complex tasks

To accurately predict future outcomes, historical data is analyzed for all these use cases. Depending on the algorithm used and the data provided, the accuracy of these predictions can vary.

The final words

The use of machine learning in education is expected to blossom in the upcoming years by 2023. Over time, algorithms will become faster, more sophisticated, and sharper, regardless of whether you are a prophet or not. Education technology will be revolutionized by machine learning in the future, pushing out traditional teaching methods.

In an education-related business, you shouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on machine learning. In this case, there is no silver bullet. In many cases, however, machine learning can prove quite adequate, and it shouldn’t be ignored.

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