How AI has empowered Mobile App personalization

September 21, 2018

Mobile Applications are playing a key role in keeping the Smartphone consumers engaged which keeps them also glued to the smartphone usage for an enormously large part of their days.

For an end user, the experience offered by these applications holds the key behind their success. This is the reason why the mobile applications have been long making the effort to impart personalized experience to the consumers. However, in the past few years, the technology has come a long way. Having become quite advanced and matured, the technology has started to reflect a huge impact on the kind of experiences, mobile applications are now capable of offering.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning which can help analyze the large chunk of data and predict exactly what the user needs, the personalization in the mobile app has taken to all together to different level. Below are some of the examples

Finger print recognition

Widely used as a secured login/authentication mechanism.

Face recognition

Using the facial features recognition, the phone can be unlocked.

Handwriting recognition

New ML algorithms are helping to analyze and interpret the handwriting to an accuracy of 95% and above and also, executing it for a number of different languages.

ALEXA/SIRI/Google Voice Assistant

Improvement in recognizing the voice of the user has taken the mobile experience (search for video, app etc in mobile app) to an altogether different level. The users need not type anything but just say whatever comes to their minds and the mobile understands the voice to the accuracy level of more than 95 %.

AI in eCommerce

Chatbots, customers shopping behavior and prediction using advanced ML algorithm.

So we can say that the future of the mobile personalization is AI, With AI technology mobiles can :

    • Understand the use-case and context to infer their preferences and needs
    • Rely increasingly on AI for making well-informed decisions
    • Cater to the users with relevant and more meaningful information to match the context
    • Help reduce the effort on part of the users by responding on their behalf
    • Communicate on the users’ part by predicting their preferences and what they would intend to say in a certain situation
    • Make life more convenient by predicting the actions the users want to take to keep them prepared for the next step, saving them from executing the lengthy multi-step process
    • Serve as a personal assistant to the end-users by performing the essential and implied tasks at the right time without bothering them with notifications.

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