The ‘Why’ & ‘How’ of using Responsive Design for your Website

November 24, 2016

A responsive website allows the website content and the web pages to be flexible and fluid by default, across devices of various different screen-sizes and resolutions. This implies that regardless of the device in use, a responsive design delivers the most optimized viewing experience that comprises of smooth navigation with no significant scrolling and resizing needed.
When you assign the task of creating a responsive website design to your web designers, it means that they are supposed to set all the screen layouts and the navigation and UI elements of your website to automatically readjust themselves according to the devices used. This primarily eliminates the need to have two different versions of the website i.e. the mobile site & the desk-top site.

Basic principles of Responsive Web Design

1) Responsive design is not just for mobile devices  It is a general perception that responsive design is all about accessing your website on mobile devices. To an extent, it is true but more than just that, a responsive design helps the users access the same great content with a consistent ease across all possible devices. All it is focused on is offering the best possible user experience for your website. This means there is no more a need to plan a different content strategy for different devices used to view your website.

2) Responsive designs are based on the principle of flexibility, which means a fluid website to go well with any device – mobile, tablet or desktop of different screen sizes and resolutions. These make use of flexible grids, media queries, responsive images and videos to be able to create a consistent user experience based on its responsiveness and flexibility to many factors.

3) While both adaptive & responsive design, strive to optimize users’ experiences for various devices for different resolutions, usage contexts, viewport sizes etc., adaptive design is basically part of the progressive enhancement in the modern day terms. It is an advanced method of imparting responsiveness to the website by detecting the device & delivering suitable features and layout according to the already assigned set of viewport sizes and other features, whereas the responsive design resolves with just one flexible design.

Things to consider while building a Responsive Web Design

Here’s a list of things you should consider when you are building a responsive website for your business:

  • When you build your website on fluid grid, it is based on percentages and not on the pixels which enables the design to be responsive.
  • To have responsive images & videos, ensure that these should be able to scale according to the resolution of the screens being viewed on
  • Responsive Navigation is important specially for the websites with detailed and extensive menus which call for the use of various responsive navigation techniques designed keeping the smaller screen resolutions in mind.
  • The media queries in CSS, serve to change the layout at all the breakpoints in the design.
Reasons to have a Responsive Web Design

Positive user experiences and interactions constitute the most critical success factor for any kind of a website. A responsive website is able to enhance the user experience by optimizing the website usage for everyone regardless of which device they are using. This leads to more and more people having a positive opinion of your website.

Here are the reasons why you should consider building your website in a responsive design:

  • Responsive design ensures a consistent, smooth and pleasant user experience across all devices.
  • It saves you on the money you might otherwise have to spend on building different mobile and desktop versions of your website.
  • Responsive designs also contribute to the SEO ranking of the website since an improved user experience is one of the most important SEO criteria for the search engines.

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