How to Get More Views on YouTube?

September 14, 2015

No matter what kind of business you have, videos are a must, these days. The way users are shifting from written content to video content is phenomenal and if a business lags behind in harnessing the video marketing, they are going to lose great business opportunities. No matter what kind of business you are in, video marketing should be an important element of your overall marketing efforts, except of course, if your business deals with confidential stuffs. Even then, tutorial videos could be made to make the customers understand how to keep information confidential. You get the gist. Video marketing is essential and you should start on it yesterday. From inbound marketing point of view, videos play a significant role in the awareness, consideration and decision making stage in a buyer’s cycle.

At the same time, you need to know that simply making a video and posting it on YouTube won’t necessarily give results. An extensive research has to be done to choose the context and making the video. It is very important to have a game plan before you start video marketing.

Why YouTube?

There are many popular websites for uploading and broadcasting videos to the world, but YouTube is most popular among masses and being on YouTube creates a significant difference in marketing efforts. Even though YouTube offers a powerful platform, it is very easy to use.

Important Points to Remember to Get More Views on YouTube:

There are a number of on-page and off-page factors taken into consideration while ranking a video.


  • Title : The title of the video describes everything about the video. Extensive research has to be done before deciding to go for a particular title. There are certain tools like Google Keyword Research tool which helps us to know the average monthly search for a particular keyword. Make sure that the relevant keywords are in the title. Relevant keywords help videos to rank higher in their respective list.
  • Tags : Most of the people ignore the importance of tags. Tags play a significant role in getting the traffic. Including proper keywords in the tag allows YouTube to know what that particular video is all about. If the keywords are relevant to the video, YouTube gives the video a higher ranking.

There are 4 types of Tags:

  1. Specific Tags: These tags are the exact keywords.
  2. Compound Tags: These tags are made up of more than 1 keyword.
  3. Generic Tags: These tags are not keywords but are identifiable words that have meanings and have much broader reach.
  4. Misspelled Tags: Popular Keywords with spelling mistakes make up this category.

Only five hundred characters can be used to set tags. Make sure your tags are keywords related to your YouTube videos. YouTube uses all the Meta information including the Tags.

  • Description : People love to read a few lines about the video before viewing the video rather than directly jumping to video. A short description including Call to Action increases the View time and number of Views of the video.
  • Thumbnails : In order to attract the viewer, a proper thumbnail should be provided to the video. YouTube provides default thumbnails but they are not very effective. YouTube also provides the option to upload thumbnails related to the video. Videos with proper thumbnail gets more views as compared to videos with improper thumbnail.
  • Video Transcript : Sometimes the speaker’s voice is not clear or in a different accent in the video. YouTube gives an option to transcript the video which helps viewer to properly understand the video and attracts the viewer more frequently to visit your channel.


  • Views : Greater is the number of views, the higher it is going to rank in that particular keyword or niche. More views imply more popularity. But YouTube also keeps in account whether the videos has been viewed till end or stopped in between and considers this also as a ranking factor.
  • Shares : More number of shares implies more popularity to YouTube and hence it give them higher ranking.
  • Comments : Comment means engagements of the viewer with the video and their eagerness to ask queries or share their views. YouTube considers it as a positive parameter and this helps in the ranking of the video.
  • Thumbs Up/Down : More is the number of likes on a video, the better it is. More Thumbs Up gives positive indication while Thumbs Down give negative impression.
  • Backlinks : One should not forget that YouTube is a part of Google and same SEO rules apply to the YouTube videos also. The number of backlinks pointed to a video helps in ranking it to better positions.
  • Subscribers : Subscribers are followers and having high number of followers make our channel and videos more relevant and help you rank higher in the videos playlist for that particular keyword or niche.