The use of Ajax in Web Development

May 23, 2014

What is Ajax?

Ajax stands for “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML” . It helps to create a dynamic look for your application and also to update content of web page without reloading whole page.

Example- Google maps, You-tube, Facebook tabs, ebuddy . These applications and sites are auto reloaded when the content is changed asynchronously.

Importance of Ajax in Web Development

Ajax is a technique for creating  better, faster and smarter web application with the use of XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Auto-Reload page: In early 90’s ,web pages are contain only page information. But now, the developer uses the AJAX technique which helps to auto reload the page with current updates. So that the user can easily update with the current information.

Secured Connection: Ajax provides a single tier i.e. one-one interface between client and server. So that it helps to secure the data of user and pass that data to the server in a secure way. So we can say that, Ajax is not only securing the data but also increasing efficiency.

Open Source: Ajax is open source web development program. Anyone can modify the code of Ajax for implementing better and advanced functionality to their application. The developer can update the Ajax Software for updating the latest functionality of flexibility for their application and use.