Top Augmented Reality Trends to Look Out for in 2022

August 9, 2022

Augmented Reality or AR has been proving to be a game-changer for various industries. While the retail industry has been benefiting from virtual product displays, healthcare is leveraging AR to boost their patient care system, and it doesn’t end here. Regardless of what industry you serve in, AR has a distinct range of benefits to offer you. 

Statistics have established that:

  • AR market, currently valued at USD 3.5 billion will bring a revenue of USD 340 billion by 2028
  • There will be 1.73 billion augmented reality users on smartphones by 2024.
  • 70% of AR consumers believe the technology has the potential to deliver multiple benefits.

No wonder, businesses are exploring new ways to implement AR in the current business processes and be the flag bearers of change. Here is what’s trending in the AR technology realm currently and how it is expected to change the sphere of 2022 and beyond.

1. AR Preview Placement

eCommerce may be the most preferred way for shoppers to buy products. However, unlike brick-and-mortar stores, they don’t allow the users to feel the products and try them on. You can check out how a particular dress would look on you, will the couch suits your room, and more. This definitely doesn’t add value to the customer experience you deliver, ultimately costing you in terms of revenue. 

Thanks to AR, these days are long behind us. AR development companies are helping eCommerce brands re-imagine their customer experience with exceptional applications. Customers can seamlessly check if a particular range of products fulfills. their requirements.

Augmented Reality Trends 2022


2. Virtual Showrooms

Digital showrooms or virtual showrooms allow brands to engage customers while selling their products online. Such showrooms are innovative replacements for the physical ones, extending the benefits such as better engagement, more sales, etc. Brands can create and organize new collections, and upload pictures and pricing details along with delivery information. Stores can also leverage 3D virtual sampling functionalities to eliminate the physical sampling.

3. In-Store Navigation

AR-powered in-store navigation helps shoppers to navigate around the big spaces easily. They can leverage this technology to not just find specific sections within the area, but make it seamless for them to discover the products they need. Such applications can suggest an optimized shopping route display the locations of desired products and help customers find the discounts and offer on the products. 

With AI integration, you can even take the shopping experience ahead by helping your customers locate the products they have been looking for at the online store. For instance, if their search indicates denim trousers, the solutions can take them to the aisle and match them to the products with their preferences. 

4. VR for Real Estate

VR and real estate mix can not just help businesses augment their revenue, but also take customer experience to the next level. It allows potential customers to take a virtual tour of the place, regardless of where they are. Therefore, they can actually imagine themselves in the house and decide better if they want to proceed further. In such a way, they save time for the agents and customers. Agents can rather show the property to the customers who are more likely to buy, and buyers can check the ones that they are willing to purchase.

5. Interactive User Manuals

The user manual has to be one of the most ignored booklets ever. Generally identified with their classic black and white appearance, they are simply lying around the corners in houses gathering dust. Thankfully, not anymore.

AR-based instruction manuals have revolutionized how people perceive user manuals. These applications overlay the text and images with AR technology to make instructions delivery more intuitive. Businesses can create interactive product walkthroughs and ensure high success rates when it comes to customer acquisition and retention. 

6. Facilitating Hybrid/ Remote Work Culture

COVID-19 has introduced an all-new way for organizations to operate their teams. Hybrid and remote work cultures have paved their way into the workplace. However, some of the professionals cannot operate remotely. The sense of isolation makes it difficult for them to deliver the best work, and hence, renders issues. 

AR-based solutions help eliminate these circumstances. They can create a virtual environment for the remote workers and help them manage their work better. Human resources can interact with each other better and thus ensure seamless work delivery.

7. Metaverse

Socializing in the post-COVID arena is completely a missed aspect. Not everyone can leave home, and neither does everyone has time to join each other for meetings. At the same time, business meetings with global clients cannot be possible every time due to travel restrictions.

The introduction of AR to bridge this gap is the solution here. AR can help simulate the environment for these people and help them communicate as if they are physically present at the same location. Although there’s more to see on this front, the results are expected to appear soon. Fingers crossed!


The trends in the AR industry are poised to change the basic processes of organizations for years to come. The right time to embrace change and make an impact is now. If you are a business owner trying to find out where AR would fit in your business, let the industry experts at Carmatec guide you through it. Having years of experience enabling digital transformation for a diverse clientele, we don’t just bring to your fine-honed industry exposure, but also a technical acumen that contributes to your growth. With a carefully thought out hiring process, we have built a team of industry experts that are certified, have deep knowledge, and stay updated on the latest trends. As one of the leading AR development companies, we offer a wide range of services that cater to everything from product discovery to launch. To begin your journey to technological excellence, share your requirements with us.