Telemedicine App Development in 2023: Features and Cost

February 22, 2023

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of developing a telemedicine app, including its features, the development approach, the development service provider, and the level of compliance.

There are three types of apps in the most basic app – an app for patients, an app for virtual doctors, and an admin panel for the platform as a whole. According to the factors mentioned above, you can expect to pay between $50,000 and $80,000 for this version.

You can expect to spend around $150,000 to $250,000 on developing a feature-rich, complex telemedicine solution. Developing a telemedicine app can take anywhere from three to twelve months on average.

What is the cost of developing a telemedicine app?

In order to develop a telemedicine app, there are many factors to consider.

Types of teams and their costs

Telemedicine apps vary in cost based on the type of team involved. You will spend approximately $170,000 if you hire an in-house team. Hiring a local development agency, however, will increase the cost to $250,000.

You should hire an outsourcing healthcare app development agency like Carmatec to develop telemedicine healthcare IT solutions. We offer custom quotes based on consultation, so you will pay considerably less. A telemedicine app could be developed using freelancers for a lower cost, but it would increase complexity as the freelancers may move on to other projects.

Telemedicine application costs by type

A It will cost you $75,000 to develop a real-time interactive multimedia application. With Carmatec, you can have a real-time interactive telemedicine experience. If you only want a remote monitoring feature in your telemedicine app, it will cost $55,000. Patients with conditions that need self-monitoring can be tracked by physicians.

Costs by company location

If When you hire a company like Carmatec to develop telemedicine software, the average price is $45,000 [depending on the features you want]. Depending on where you are located, you may have to pay $75,000 to $150,000 to hire a company from Western or Eastern Europe.

A company in Australia will charge $160,000, while a company in the USA will charge $280,000. It will also cost about $180,000 to build a telemedicine app in the UK.

Additionally, telemedicine apps must consider several other factors. There will be 2-3 times more costs associated with app marketing than with application development. Depending on your outreach plan and target audience, your marketing budget will vary. With an initial investment in marketing, you will be able to build a loyal customer base and expect a good return on investment.

In order for your app to function 24×7, maintenance is important. An experienced telemedicine solution provider like Carmatec can provide maintenance schedules and suggestions on how to upgrade the app in accordance with the changing technology trends in web and mobile.

The top 4 challenges in the development of telemedicine apps

  • Designing UI/UX

Patients and physicians should have different interfaces that are relevant to them. Physicians or patients should not be shown the patient booking module or physician scheduling function. In order to mitigate this challenge from the start, an experienced telemedicine app development company will be aware of these differences.

  • Process for back-end integration

To ensure the safe, effective and timely transfer of patient data between physicians and patients, API integrations, security integrations, HIPAA compliance integrations, and GDPR compliance integrations need to be supported by robust documentations.

  • Adaptability

When the telemedicine application is under heavy load, cloning the server, analysing the code manually, scaling it automatically, and addressing its weak code areas will ensure that it behaves normally.

  • Compliance with healthcare regulations

As long as you control unauthorized access, reduce data downloads to local desktops, sync the storage, maintain login controls, and monitor the process, your app will always get high marks in any healthcare audit. Data security is ensured by using tried-and-true security frameworks, software, and AWS HIPAA compliance data services.

That’s great! You now know the benefits, risks, challenges, costs, and technical details of developing a telemedicine app. How does an app benefit you?

Benefits of Telemedicine App Development

Telemedicine apps offer many benefits, but you should know a few things before investing in their development. Here are some benefits that patients and medical businesses can get from telemedicine app development.

  • The right to unlimited medical care

Health care services can be accessed from anywhere in the world using telemedicine software. Rural areas are particularly affected by this problem due to a lack of healthcare professionals. No matter where you are located, you can access doctors through a telemedicine app.

  • Cost reduction

Cost-savings are another essential benefit of telemedicine software. Medical assistance can be provided remotely without the need for a personal visit to the hospital, so you can save money on rent and operating costs. Patients can thus consult their doctors from home if they wish.

  • Medical care that is time-efficient

Doctor’s visits can often involve waiting in queues and waiting rooms for countless hours. Many people skip doctor’s visits because of their busy schedules, risking their health and possibly their lives. During your lunch break or while at home, you can receive healthcare consultations through telemedicine.

  • Progressive EHR

In order to manage electronic healthcare records, telemedicine software can be used. There is no need for medical staff to search for paper records in order to access data.

  • Monitoring and management of patients

Through telemedicine applications, patients can be efficiently managed, consultations and prescriptions can be controlled, etc.

  • Doctors’ time management

The number of patients can overwhelm doctors with their busy schedules. By allowing the administrative staff to manage the workload of doctors, telemedicine app development can help address the problem. Schedules will be available in the app and doctors won’t miss appointments due to push notifications.

  • Streamlining administrative processes

In medical establishments, telemedicine solutions can be used for efficient administration. Rather than filling out forms and paperwork, doctors can focus on patient care. Patients and doctors both benefit from telemedicine app development, as shown above. Any medical institution would profit from such an investment if such a solution were available. For an initial project discussion, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. A timeline, cost, and recommendations will be provided to you.

The conclusion

There can be challenges associated with developing and launching a telemedicine app, but the rewards can be rewarding in the current environment. Using this guide to launch your telemedicine app, you will gain an understanding of the process, costs, and tips involved. In developing and launching telemedicine apps, Carmatec’s telemedicine software development approach helps healthcare businesses succeed. Contact our healthcare software development team for a free consultation if you are looking to launch a telemedicine app.