Outsourcing PHP Development -Top 5 Things to consider

July 13, 2016

Do you have a business idea that you think is the ‘next best thing’? A small gap in a process that you feel an automation can resolve? If you thought the hardest part was thinking of an ‘idea’, you may be surprised to know that thinking of an idea is just one part of the whole process. Its execution is as important as the ‘idea’ itself. You need to think from a development point of view which may not be your forte. You need to decide whether to get the development done in-house or whether you should outsource. Developing a project in-house comes with its own set of challenges and if you are not sure if you want to devote your entire IT team for the project and decide to outsource, you need to find an outsourcing company that’s just right for you! Here are few pointers to help you find the best outsourcing PHP Development Company.

Cost Savings
If you are already a development centre and have a fully qualified workforce, it might make sense to do it in-house but otherwise, the cost savings in going with an outsourcing partner is phenomenal.
You can pay PHP MySQL developers on job basis, as per your needs.  You can engage in discussions with the outsourcing partner to define exactly what you want and what you don’t which can help you reduces the necessity of paying unnecessary amount. Thus, it proves to be much more economical to outsource your work.

Time to Focus on Core Business
Outsourcing development essentially saves a lot of your time. That time can be used in building and enhancing your core business. In-House development can divert you from your core business as considerable time can go in hiring, people management, software progress monitoring and other such tasks.  An outsourcing partner will help manage these tasks for you.

At the end of the day, the most important concern is quality. Quality when you outsource can be greater or less, depending on what you’re outsourcing. To check if you are in with the right partner, analyze their portfolio. Check if they have a history of executing projects that are vastly similar to your needs. Check their customers feedback. Engage in detailed discussions with the service provider to guage their understanding of the project and choose accordingly.

You know exactly what you want. The outsourcing partner may be excellent at execution but what you got may not be what you wanted. The prime reason for this could be lack of proper communication. Make sure you break down your business needs into clear and precise blocks. This does not necessarily mean long written specification documents but it does require documentation of key requirements and key decisions. Make sure the partner understands everything you say.

Big or small?
This one is a complete judgment call. A small local company may be eager to please and will cost less. A bigger firm will cost more but may have more expertise and broader set of resources. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages and depending on your requirement, you may choose.
What’s important is to know that they are different, and to be mindful of those distinctions when comparing offers.

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