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Every year there are several mobile application design trends that gain popularity. The trends may seem to emerge randomly but if there is anything consistent about them, it is the improvement to the user experience that they drive. Whether in terms of the visually aesthetic appeal of the designs or the increased comprehensibility of the app content or the ease of use or the intuitiveness of its navigation, the UX design trends tend to make the application more engaging for the targeted users. Here are some of the trends that have become prevalent this year

1) Straight forward User Journey and user-flow

Every mobile application is designed to provide its user with the best possible user experience. In order to improve the user experience, the mobile applications are designed to minimise the effort required to accomplish a certain task. A linear user flow allows for every step to accomplish an action, ensuring that it is easy to estimate the time needed to achieve a goal.

2) Content-focused UX

A good UX results from a design that puts the content of the mobile application in the forefront. This can be accomplished by the use of strong colour contrast imparting better readability, decluttering of the web pages allowing the key message to be conveyed and comprehended easily and by creating a clear visual hierarchy, i.e. creating a clear order or presenting the visual elements so as to signify the importance of certain essential information and interactive elements.

3) Use of strong colour contrast or font contrast

The UX designs of this year tend to employ stronger colour contrast or contrast in the fonts used in order to bring in better readability of the application content. This again, is an effort to keep the content of the application in the forefront for the end users.

4) Conversational interfaces

Many of the recent surveys have revealed that an average user typically uses 3 to 4 mobile applications and at least one out of those is a messaging application. People love to involve in ongoing conversations. That is the reason why the trend of conversational UIs is catching on. No wonder why the chatbots and the AI powered voice-activated assistants are increasingly becoming the trend this year on.

5) Personalised UX Designs

We have been witnessing location-based personalisation of the UX for a while now. As the mobile applications travel with us, they can utilise the location information to feed us with location-specific content. The personalisation of the UX design is not just about its content. The trend of personalising the UI is also catching on these days. So, adapting a layout to a person will be the next thing we will see often. This is made possible by utilising the details of the user-provided information along with the use of device sensors to track the user-interaction and the challenges faced.

These are just some of the trends we have been implementing in the latest mobile applications being built by the team at Carmatec. Our user experience engineers are vastly experienced to assert the fact that User Experience-centered Designing is a really holistic approach to software or mobile application development. In the comments section, do let us know your thoughts about UX design trends this year and which are the approaches you would want us to follow, when we build your mobile application.

With 16+ Years of expertise in the IT Industry, Carmatec brings together multifaceted skill-set from the areas of design, behavioral science, usability, analytics, marketing and brand creation to provide businesses with holistic solutions for Web Design, Web/Mobile Development, Remote IT infrastructure management, Software Development, Managed IT services, Cloud Consulting, Internet Marketing and Branding.

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