Migrating Your E-commerce Website to Magento2: What You Need to Know

April 2, 2023

Would you like to migrate your eCommerce business to Magento 2? Here is the ultimate guide for you. Our guide will help you achieve a seamless migration to Magento 2 and tell you everything you need to know.

Magento is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms available today. Anyone who follows the e-commerce industry knows about it. Magento is the second most popular e-commerce platform globally, according to the Hosting Tribunal, merchants using Magento grow three times faster (on average), Magento is based in the US 11% of the time, and the list goes on.

As a result, e-commerce store owners are looking for reliable web development professionals who can develop Magento stores or migrate their existing online stores seamlessly to Magento 2. There has been a major revamp in the performance of all Magento-based e-commerce stores thanks to this new flagship version.

What Is Magento 2?

To meet the demands of eCommerce businesses, Magento 2 is a successor to Magento 1. The latest version of Magento aims to improve conversion rates for online stores by enhancing speed and performance of various high-end features.

The release of Magento 2 has added feathers to the hat of Magento development, which has always been popular with online store owners.

What Are the Benefits of Migrating to Magento 2?

Due to performance and speed enhancements in Magento 2, Magento 2 sites are typically 20% faster than Magento 1 sites. One of the most effective weapons of Magento 2 is its usability and performance. Among the other benefits of migrating to Magento 2 are revenue growth, conversions, and traffic growth.

Performance and scalability improvements

Using Magento 2’s modular architecture, you can improve your e-commerce store’s performance, scalability, security, and optimization. Furthermore, it increases server response time for all tasks on the site, enhances back-end operations’ capabilities, and increases database flexibility and scalability.

Security enhancements

What should I do to protect my Magento eCommerce store from hackers? Owners of retail stores frequently ask this question. As a result, Magento 2’s security has become its primary concern for better data handling. This new version integrates with trusted payment gateways and provides a secure checkout procedure, fulfilling every significant need for advanced e-commerce.

Design for mobile devices and responsiveness

Magento 2 offers users a mobile-friendly and responsive experience with its more consistent UI. As a result, your store will rank highly in search engines and your customers will have a rich shopping experience on different screen sizes.

Features of advanced SEO

eCommerce stores receive most of their traffic from organic search. The key to driving massive traffic to your online store is having a well-optimized store. An e-commerce website needs all the SEO features offered by Magento 2.

In Magento 2, merchants can easily create SEO-friendly URLs, and meta-implementations are supported. Additionally, rich snippets can be used to optimize XML sitemaps for better search engine ranking.

Checkout Process Improved

Magento 2 offers many extensions that make the checkout process simple, efficient, and secure. By eliminating the login and registration process, it offers a seamless customer experience and recognizes users as their guests.

Reporting in the advanced stage

Your e-commerce business’ success depends on reporting. Using Magento 2’s ‘Advanced Reports’ extension, you can easily create and analyze Magento 2 reports and get insights into three crucial areas: orders, customers, products, and more.

Implementation of Magento 2 Migration in Step-by-Step

It can be daunting to migrate to Magento 2, but advanced data migration tools have made it easier. Let’s dive deeper and explore the best methods for Magento 2 migration.

The first step is to update Magento 2

The Magento 2.4.5 version is the latest addition to Magento Commerce. There are over 180 functional fixes to the core product in this version, as well as over 25 security enhancements. Ensure you download the latest Magento 2 version before starting your migration process to ensure a better overall experience and fewer extension conflicts and compatibility issues.

The second step is to migrate the data

Using Magento Migration Data Migration Tool, the Magento team has simplified the Magento 2 migration process. When handled by certified Magento developers, data can be transferred efficiently to the new Magento 2 store.

Carmatec will help you with the best-automated Magento 2 migration tool at present. You can migrate your store without any technical knowledge using this tool in just three simple steps.

A third step is to migrate and customize the theme

There is no such tool for theme migration because Magento 2’s frontend code differs from Magento’s, unlike data migration. Magento 2 needs a new theme, so it is advisable to get one.

The Magento platform offers a variety of templates and themes in order to speed up the time-to-market for users. Depending on your business requirements, you can either customize this theme or develop a new one.

The fourth step is to review the current extensions

Magento extensions have enabled businesses to customize everything from their online stores’ design to their shopping carts. It is a good idea to review your existing extensions before beginning Magento 2 migration, and remove any that are no longer needed. Note what data needs to be migrated from your extensions to the new system.

The fifth step is to migrate extensions and customize code

When one knows how to use them, extensions and plugins work just like customizations. You might not be able to get the same results with the same extensions and plugins you had for Magento 1.

For the Magento 2 migration, starting from scratch and checking the compatibility of custom code will be helpful. It is essential to include extensions such as two-step checkout, product attachments, drag-and-drop page builders, and B2B capabilities.

The sixth step is to switch domains and change DNS

In order to access Internet resources, domain names are translated into IP addresses by the Domain Name System (DNS). The process of migrating to Magento 2 should also include changing your domain and DNS name servers. You might find some of the terms and features confusing if you’re new to e-commerce. This enables us to offer a reliable service for changing DNS and switching domains.

The seventh step is to test and go live

After you have migrated all your data, themes, customizations, extensions, and more, start testing your e-commerce store to ensure it works properly. Ensure everything is checked (and rechecked) to avoid errors, data loss, and unnecessary downtime.

The ultimate goal for every store owner is to have a profitable, user-friendly, and stable store. Before making your online store live, it is important to ensure everything is in place before making it live.

Is Magento Commerce the right choice for me?

As a first step, consider how a platform supports the business goals you are trying to achieve before making any decisions about it. 

As Any digital investment will be successful if it is carefully planned and assessed as part of the Discovery phase. 

It is imperative that you conduct this analysis before deciding on your next ecommerce platform. Ultimately, there must be agreement among all key stakeholders regarding the project’s goals, the best approach, and the requirements for its success.

An organization can use this process to determine whether or not an upgrade is necessary, what the current pain points are, how they can be remedied, what functionality is required, how much effort and budget is required, etc.

It is then up to you to decide how best to proceed once you have learned these things. It is important to estimate the project accurately and come up with a reasonable budget before you start. 

We’ll assume you’ve done your research and decided to move to Magento Commerce for the purposes of this guide.

Why is Migrating to Magento 2 Essential? 

Your store will be vulnerable to security threats if you remain on Magento 1. DDoS attacks, Brute Force attacks, and other common security threats fall under this category. Since you own an online store, you are obligated to protect the information of your customers. Magento stores that are not updated can expose customer data to risks. Besides affecting your revenue, it will also affect your brand’s image. 

Your e-commerce will also perform better after migrating to Magento 2.  What’s the reason? Magento 2 offers superior functionality, robust security, and fast performance. Thus, customers benefit from an improved online shopping experience. A strong level of data protection can also be provided to customers. 

Magento 2 Fixes & Improvements 

The new features and functionalities of Magento 2 are striking. In addition to robust data security, it enhances the user experience as well. The following are some key improvements: 

  • B2B functionality improved
  • Management of product catalogs made easy
  • Checkout with integrated payment processing
  • Management of orders and shipments without friction
  • Marketers and SEOs will benefit from enhanced in-built tools
  • Premium technical support and a dedicated account manager
  • Multiple currency support for international shipping

How Much Does Magento 2 Migration Cost?

It is difficult to predict the exact cost of Magento projects due to their diverse nature. A key role is played here by the different Magento plans. There are different costs associated with Magento open-source, Magento commerce, and Magento commerce cloud.

Additionally, a Magento 2 website will cost differently if it is built from scratch, upgraded from an older version, or migrated from one platform to another.

Magento 2 migration isn’t as straightforward as it seems. It includes everything from customizations to integrating extensions. A well-experienced team of developers, managers, SEO specialists, and others is required to develop a successful online store. You will receive a price quote for Magento development depending on the skills and experience of the company you hire. 

The cost of migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 cannot be quoted precisely. Price is affected by factors such as incorporating extensions, customizing, and hiring an expert.

HTMLPanda’s expert team can provide you with a comprehensive analysis. With over a decade of experience, we have delivered numerous Magento projects to clients across the globe. With the help of our certified developers, we will ensure a seamless migration tailored to your needs and budget.

Wrapping Up!

Thousands of online retailers have innovated and grown with Magento 2 since its launch. If you plan and pay attention to details, you can complete the Magento 2 migration process with little-to-no downtime. Are you ready to thrive with Magento 2 for your online store with CarmatecGet in touch with our certified Magento Development experts.