How Much Does It Cost to Hire React Developers in 2024?

December 29, 2022

In addition to creating interactive applications for the web, mobile, and various other platforms, ReactJs is one of the most popular frameworks. One of the reasons why ReactJs is popular is because it is highly flexible, enabling developers to create scalable applications. Consider hiring a React developer to build the fully-featured application if you want an edge over your competitors.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring React Developers

Various types of applications are being developed using ReactJs, one of the most popular front-end frameworks. It is important to keep in mind that several factors will affect the process of hiring dedicated React developers for your project. The factors below will determine how much it will cost you to hire remote React developers.

Project’s Size

Project size is one of the most important factors that will directly affect the cost of hiring ReactJs developers. There will be different types of requirements for every project. From one project to another, the cost to hire ReactJs developers will vary based on the requirements. There will be a wide variety of experience requirements and requirements for each project. Developing big-size applications for your application might require more developers.

1. Projects on a small scale:

  • Small-scale projects are popular among developers if you want a small application for your business. Small-scale projects for your business won’t require you to hire multiple React Js developers.
  • Small-scale projects can be built quickly by the developers with minimal effort. The development time of your small-scale projects can be reduced by hiring React developers.

2. Projects of medium scale:

  • There are more ReactJs developers needed for medium-sized projects than for small projects. As a result, hiring Remote React Developers for a medium-sized project will cost you more.
  • You will find different features and functionalities in medium-sized projects, such as Chatbots.

3. Projects that are enterprise-grade:

  • Whenever you work on enterprise-grade projects, keep in mind that they will cost more. Complexity and type of interfaces you want in the application are two main reasons for this high cost. Having an enterprise-grade application for your business requires hiring more React developers. One developer cannot build an enterprise-grade application from scratch.
  • Typically, enterprise-grade projects include enterprise resource planning applications, among others. Various processes, such as project management, accounting, and many more, will be managed by these applications.
  • The cost of hiring a React developer depends largely on the features and third-party libraries you plan to use.

Complex features

When adding complex features to your React application, such as push notifications, wish lists, in-app purchases, and more, you have to consider various factors. Many social media platforms have different types of features, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others. The development cost is directly related to features, so it can be said that features are one of the most important factors.

Payment gateways, live video streaming, map integrations, etc., are some of the complex features you wish to add. If you want to integrate these features into your app, then finding React developers with experience would be the best option. React developers’ salaries vary depending on their experience, so you need to keep this in mind when hiring them.

A list of necessary skills

A developer with certain experience will be required for each project. There is no reason to hire React Js developers who are experts in every area, since not every developer knows everything.


1. The primary skills

  • You’ve come to the right place if you want to find out which skills React developers should have.
  • Any React developer should be familiar with open-source libraries such as JQuery, RequireJS, and many others.
  • ReactJS tools like Flux, Redux, Webpack, and many others must be experienced before you hire remote react developers.

2. Knowledge and skills of the modern age

  • Full-stack developers should have built various cloud-based solutions and be experienced with full-stack development.
  • ReactJs is more efficient if the developers have worked with NodeJs, Angular, or another JavaScript framework before.
  • In addition to Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack Apache, Amazon AWS, and many others, developers should have experience with a wide variety of cloud-based technologies.
  • Remote react developers may find it useful to have knowledge of some basic databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, etc.

Model of engagement

React developer’s cost can also be influenced by the engagement model you choose. We are familiar with time-based models, such as hourly and monthly models, but dedicated and fixed price engagement models are also available. 

Models with dedicated functionality

An organization like Carmatec provides staff augmentation services that enable companies to hire dedicated React developers. If you request a requirement analysis from an outsourcing vendor, you can decide the size of a dedicated team based on your specific needs. 

An extended team is available to develop custom features for integration into existing applications for enterprises and experienced startup owners.

Adding new features or creating an extended product doesn’t require hiring skilled developers and experts, which is a plus for enterprises looking to expand their portfolio. 

With dedicated teams, you can have the right professionals working on your project without having to pay for their insurances or permanent engagements. The developer’s hourly fee is all you need to pay.

Furthermore, vendors that provide dedicated teams handle the hiring, vetting, and onboarding of developers. Furthermore, resources can be added and subtracted according to your project’s needs. 

Dedicated teams are provided by organizations such as Carmatec that work with your internal team until the project is complete. All technical support, design mock-ups, and intellectual property rights are included in the final product. 


Models with fixed prices

An engagement model that is based on a fixed price is one in which the scope, budget, and time constraints are fixed. As there is no possibility of changes during the development, it is essential to have a clearly defined scope of work. Those who do not want to deal with variable costs, however, will benefit from a fixed price model. 

A fixed-price engagement model is ideal for short-term projects with limited scope and no need for future changes. An EMI calculator, for example, is needed by the bank.

The core functionality will remain the same for several years, so it is a short-term project without adding features. Fixed price models are ideal for such projects. 

Companies that want to release software or applications quickly should not use the fixed-model. Because you will need to plan everything ahead of time, you will need to spend a great deal of time planning.

As well as rigid in its approach, the fixed price model is not flexible to accommodate changes beyond what’s agreed to in the contract. 

A fixed-price contract prevents you from expanding your business or adding new features.


The Average Cost of Hiring React Developers

Let’s take a look at some of the average costs associated with hiring a React developer based on experience and location. 


Costs based on experience

Defining business-specific requirements before hiring React developers will help you make an informed decision. As an app’s complexity increases, so does the condition of the development experience. As a result, costs will vary from case to case. 


Junior React developer- 

The term “junior developer” refers to beginners or fresh graduates with one to three years of experience. They are familiar with the framework and are capable of handling basic development tasks. Further, they should be familiar with Javascript, HTML, and CSS. 

In addition to assisting experienced developers, junior developers can efficiently debug their code. It is also crucial to collaborate with designers and other engineers in order to create a rich user experience. To provide feedback on specific aspects of the front end, they can even participate in the design review and technical review.

A junior developer may also need to know how to manage branches and releases in Git source control. Learning advanced coding approaches and modern frameworks is another essential aspect.

You can train them in new frameworks, which will ultimately reduce the cost of hiring new developers since they are innately interested in learning new frameworks. 

React developer with mid-level experience

An experienced mid-level developer has about three to five years of experience. Specific development tasks like writing functional components and class components can be performed by them. As well as testing components with React testing libraries, they can even retrieve data asynchronously from APIs. 

Those with experience in DevOps for continuous integration and deployment can become React developers at mid-level. Furthermore, mid-level developers with Test-Driven Development (TDD) experience can add value to your organization. 

Additionally, they must be able to convert wireframe designs into functional user interfaces with different edge case scenarios. Additionally, infrastructure can be written as code and deployments can be automated. 


Developer of React – Senior

An experienced React developer has 5 to 7 years of experience. With the help of third-party integrations, they can build an entire application, and they can even debug it.

Moreover, they are familiar with the React libraries and pre-built tools of the framework. Junior developers are nurtured during the project development process by senior developers.

Most senior developers are able to mentor junior developers as well as lead development teams. Furthermore, these developers have experience using cloud technologies such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Advanced technologies such as Machine Learning and PowerBI may also be familiar to them. Due to their experience, practical knowledge, and mentoring abilities, hiring senior developers makes sense.

Senior developers can also contribute to the development planning process by suggesting essential resources.

Cost-to-Hire Remote React developer

Costs based on location

Due to differences in average costs around the world, location is vital when hiring React developers. Additionally, when you hire remote React developers, they bring different experience dynamics from their area.

North America

The North American market is one of the most important for hiring React developers. The average salary for a React developer in the US is $90000 per year, according to Glassdoor. With a huge pool of talented developers to choose from, Canada is another important market to hire React developers.

The cost of hiring remote developers in the region, however, is higher than many others around the world. This is due to the fact that US developers have a great deal of exposure to working with giant software companies. As a result, developers have to pay a higher pay scale due to a tight talent acquisition market.

CompTIA estimates that there are more than 5,20,000 software companies in the US. Additionally, US developers benefit from higher minimum wages than anyone else in the world, besides exposure.

Cost-to-Hire-in North America


Asia’s largest market for hiring React developers is India. The reason for this is that it has developers with a variety of experience levels and an understanding of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. You can also find promising talent in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The practical approach to business problem-solving has made India a popular destination for hiring remote developers. Multiple offices have been built in India by companies like Google, Microsoft, and even Amazon as a result.

As well as these advantages, one of the key advantages of India is that you can find reliable software companies that can provide developers based on your requirements. As an extension of your organization, Carmatec offers remote React developers or an entire dedicated team.



From France to Spain, the UK, and Germany, European countries offer a wide variety of React developers with different levels of experience and expertise. With IT sector revenues surging to £2.56 billion, the United Kingdom is already a technology-driven market.

Due to its familiarity with European data regulations, it has become a preferred destination for hiring React developers.


You would get different results from hiring any type of react developer. A clear understanding of the business requirements and the scope of work is crucial to determining the cost to hire a react developer.

A business owner’s choice of language, framework, and app complexity may also affect react Js development. We hope you found this blog post useful and that it has answered your questions regarding how much it costs to hire a react developer.