How Much Does It Cost to Hire Angular Developers in 2024?

January 3, 2023

Although we understand that hiring an angular developer will not be the only cost associated with building an app, it is the most significant and dynamic. There are other factors, such as licensing costs, IT infrastructure setup costs, etc., that are more or less the same around the world.

Angular developer salaries depend on a number of factors, such as experience, demand, supply, cost of living, etc. Based on industry experience and seniority, we compare the cost of hiring an Angular developer in different countries below.

What do Angular Developers do?

For creating a highly versatile and adaptive web application, Angular developers work on the user interface. Angular is the web framework which has become the 2nd most common front-end framework used by dedicated angular programmers. Developers can create simple and dynamic web applications with this framework.

It’s certainly true that angular’s popularity has grown with technology advancements, but finding the right experts and professionals with the relevant work experience is extremely challenging. A good way to move forward with these professionals for the angular development services is to bring complete transparency from both ends, and that can only be achieved if the developers are tested on their abilities during the screening process. Make sure you choose wisely, and professionalism and expertise can help improve the online presence of your company.

Developers of AngularJS or Angular

Research has shown that the term AngularJS is often used interchangeably with the term Angular. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest red flags that can make it difficult for employers to find candidates for job postings designed for dedicated Angular developers. It is also likely that Angular JS is inferior to Angular if any application developers are asked. Modules are used to divide core functionality of Angular JS. The core became lighter and faster as a result. As for Angular, it has the upper hand for handling mobile issues, which makes the development of desktop apps easier. Dedicated Angular programmers have the following strengths:

  • Consistency and code optimization can be achieved by using a transcript
  • Simple routing mechanism
  • Frameworks and development languages for multiple web applications
  • This is a better choice for complex and large web applications that require simple e-commerce features
  • Testing and web development services made easier.

However, this does not mean that angular js developers are a bad choice. Depending on the requirements of the projects or of the specific business, they can be chosen. There is definitely a demand, and the frameworks they use are popular, but business needs should always be considered before choosing.

Tips for Hiring Angular Developers

Generally, businesses must consider the following expertise before hiring a top angular development company. Surely, they must have,

  • A comprehensive understanding of Angular, particularly the version that the business needs.
  • A working knowledge of CSS and HTML and experience in writing quality code.
  • The recommended language for Angular is Typescript and JavaScript.
  • Understanding of web services used in the system, as well as the ability to build complete components and models.
  • Build single-page applications with experience.
  • JavaScript reactive extensions.
  • An understanding of SEO services and engagement models.
  • Understanding of the browser’s APIs and REST architecture.
  • Installing Angular and other web development packages requires experience with the node package manager.
  • It is essential for them to possess soft skills, such as attention to details, creativity, better communication skills, and solution-oriented thinking.

Cost Factors for Hiring Remote Angular Developers

A The cost of an Angular developer is usually fixed, predictable, and based on a specific skill set and experience. It is also important to consider the app’s size and complexity when evaluating skill sets and time to engage. We’ll discuss in the following sections how hiring an Angular developer involves more variables than one can imagine.

Project scale

Scale, type, methodology, and other factors must be considered when developing an application. Each organization and use case will have a different project scale, which will influence the cost of hiring remote Angular developers.

  • Projects of a small scale
  • Project of medium scale
  • Projects of enterprise quality

The complexity of the features

It depends on the type and amount of features that an application requires whether it is simple or complex. This factor also affects how much it costs to hire an Angular developer. The development time and basic skills may be less for basic features and functions, such as login/signup, notifications, etc.

A full stack developer would cost $30 per hour on average, so hiring Angular developers might cost anywhere between $16500 and $3000.

Required skills

It is the skillset of Angular developers that drives hiring decisions and directly impacts the overall cost of hiring Angular developers. A thorough understanding of the Angular framework and skills to optimize app development can further add value to your projects. The following are some skills related to Angular that you can look for while hiring.

  • The architecture
  • The templates
  • Excellence in typescript
  • Tools for building

Model of engagement

Time-based (hourly/monthly), fixed-price, and dedicated hiring models are all flexible hiring models you can explore. Depending on the business needs, you can engage remote Angular developers in different ways, such as dedicated, offshore, or freelance.

Angular development costs on average

You must consider aspects such as experience and location when determining the average cost of hiring developers. Here are a few factors to consider:

Costs based on experience

In terms of hiring experienced developers, there are three levels:

  • Junior developer
  • Mid-level developer
  • Senior developer

Costs based on location

An important factor in Angular developer hiring costs is location. The cost of hiring developers varies based on their geographic location. North America can pay $157,440 per year for a senior-level Angular developer, while Asia can pay $9,533 per year.

  • Asia
    As compared to other geographical locations, Asia offers highly skilled Angular talent at lower costs. Meanwhile, India is the cheapest place to hire developers with different levels of experience.
  • North America
    You can also find the top 1% Angular developers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • West Europe
    For Angular development, Western Europe is known for having some of the best talent in the world. The United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden have led the way in building Angular-based applications.
  • Australia
    It is also a great market for hiring Angular developers in Australia, but prices can be a bit high. Depending on the developer experience required and the complexity of the applications, local developers charge $38,400 to $90,931.
  • Eastern Europe
    It costs between $9120 and $42,000 per year to hire an Angular developer in Ukraine. It is also possible for Polish developers to charge anywhere between $17,280 and $53,208.




Experience in Years

Annual Salary

Hourly Rates


Mid to Senior level


$38,016 – $59,136

$18- $28


Mid to Senior level

3- 8

$86000 – 153000

$40- $72


Mid to Senior level

3- 8

$45000 – $78000

$21 – $36


Mid to Senior level

3- 8

$39000- 76000

$23- $36


Mid to Senior level

3- 8

$49000- $89900

$23- $42


Mid to Senior level

3- 8

$48300- $87200

$23- $41


Mid to Senior level

3- 8

$43700 – $49200



Mid to Senior level

3- 8

$55100 – $95000

$26 – $45

Key Takeaway

Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of how much does it cost to hire Angular developers after landing on this blog post. It is important to note that the cost of developing an Angularjs app and website depends on many factors, such as the complexity of the application, the development company you hire, and the geographical location of the developer.

Whenever you are making products, it is important that you don’t compromise on the quality. If you want to create user-friendly, scalable web or mobile applications, then you need to hire AngularJS developers from Carmatec.