Carmatec India Announces Organisational Restructuring and Key Leadership Changes

February 4, 2019

Carmatec India realigns its organisational structure to the next phase of its growth

Bengaluru, January 16, 2019 – Carmatec Inc today announced a reorganisation of the company’s operating regions and key leadership changes.

“Today’s announcement redefines our operational leadership team and a reorganisation that will position Carmatec for continued success. These changes represent a significant step toward streamlining our operations in a way that will greatly enhance our ability to maximise our global expansion and growth. This new structure will enable us to adapt more efficiently to the constantly evolving technology industry conditions. In addition, we have consolidated our technical expertise to support each operating region and strengthen our ability to share best practices around the globe,” said Aromal Rajagopal, the former CEO of Carmatec India.

The restructuring planned at the advent of 2019 is aimed for Carmatec to undertake its projected global expansion and growth initiatives. In Carmatec’s new leadership team, Aromal Rajagopal will be the new group CEO and the Managing Director of Carmatec Global, who, in the new position will be heading its international expansion plans and spearheading the set-up and expansion of the company’s new businesses in the Middle East, North America and the European regions.

The former Chief Operating Officer, Indu Aromal has been designated as the new CEO of the organisation which is entrusted to enable this transition with the testimony of her stellar performance in the past. Under her leadership, the organisation hopes to succeed in its largest-ever expansion plans, both in terms of pace and size. Omshivaprakash HL has been designated the position of the new Chief Operating Officer, who with his well-rounded technical expertise, cultural anchor and a strong shared vision is entrusted to undertake the new scope of expansion activities for setting Carmatec in the forefront of its industry domain with a visible global footprint in the coming years.

In the next couple of years, Carmatec is aiming to have a deeper presence in its newly identified markets, and the team expansions will follow for equipping the organisation with a more vibrant, culturally-diverse and innovation-driven workforce. The organisational restructuring is seen as an effort for the leadership to focus more effectively on their respective domains of responsibilities for catalysing the ambitious new business plans.

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