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40K Plus

40K Plus (Plus Education) is the group operating name of registered Australian charity, 40K Foundation Australia Ltd, and its subsidiary organisations, 40K Plus Education in India and Cambodia.

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The Sage 4 Child Support Solutions app is a one-stop location for finding child support resources in an area. The vision of this project is to design and develop an Ionic Mobile Apps with Laravel PHP backend.

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LearnLite app is an online tutorial platform that enables interactive learning and provides guidance on how to PLAN their preparation for competitive entrance examinations.

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My Design Club

Project Description My Design Club is basically a one page survey application for universities where students can take survey for every year. Survey questions are

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Teacher Gaming Network

Project Description Teachers gaming network is an interactive online platform for teachers where they can come, collaborate , create questions, create games and do much

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Climb Education

Project Description A website project for Carmatec IT Solutions, as they launched their first education center in Banglore. Project consist of providing indepth information about

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