Project Description

The Sage 4 Child Support Solutions app is a one-stop location for finding child support resources in an area. The vision of this project is to design and develop an Ionic Mobile Apps with Laravel PHP backend. The project would include a Mobile Applications for the endusers with an admin panel for the company. With the help of the mobile apps, States/Jurisdictions will be able to create the information pages. The users will be able to select the jurisdiction and it will show the information if available. Admin will have the functionality to manage the agency/case information, CMS Pages, etc. in the backend. The platforms will provide the best service in the safety and security of the data to the company. 


  • Based on the city and jurisdiction, find child support resources
  • File Cases specific to a child support issue
  • All content, images, and sections are dynamic based on city and jurisdiction from the backend
  • News updates related to child care and child abuse
  • Message Board: Messages from agency personnel to all NCP’s and CP’s
  • Descriptor page for the Department of Child Services, Office of Child Support Enforcement

Solution Offered

Arriving at a level of understanding of the proposed vision, Carmatec has analyzed the feasibilities and anticipated outcomes thereby proposing to develop an exclusive platform that will outreach the market by offering an intuitive Mobile App.


  • Distributed service stack on AWS
  • Scalable, Load Balanced and Flexible for scale


  • All standard operating systems
  • Ionic with PHP Laravel Mobile Apps & Admin Panel


  • Manage User roles & access
  • Reporting with drilldown, sorting and filtering
  • The company admin can manage user access and roles, and other services on the platform in the backend.


  • Aesthetic UI & Coherent workflow
  • Application will work without the internet
  • SMS Gateway and Push Notification
  • News, Payment Links, Community Resource Details, Agency/Case Info
  • Users can create information pages within the app


The stake holders of the Mobile applications are:

  • End Users 
  • Admin


Ionic Hybrid Android and iOS mobile apps, with PHP backend, Mysql Database hosted on GCP